Yoga For Low Back

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UnCategorized Back pain is the most .mon reason people seek medical attention. Using yoga for low back pain relief works on both long term and acute muscle strain by strengthening the muscles and improving flexibility. A study of 101 sufferers of chronic back pain proved that a gentle form of yoga, called viniyoga, was more effective at relieving lower back pain than aerobic exercise. By toning the muscles, relieving tension and improving all over flexibility, those who used yoga for low back pain saw improved function of their lower backs. These effects relieved the pain and were found to last long after the study ended. Tight hamstrings and weak stomach muscles also contribute to back pain. Postures used in yoga for low back pain, while not able to provide instant relief, will alleviate lower back pain over time. If you suffer from back pain, its advised to ease into yoga to prevent further injury. Performing the poses slowly and only stretching to within your .fort zone is the best course of action. A pose to try when using yoga for low back pain is the Asanas yoga position called the lying twist. While lying on your back, stretch your arms out to your sides. Your palms and shoulders should be pressed firmly against the floor, with your shoulder blades turned under and your toes spread. Bend your knees up toward your chest as far as .fortable possible, making sure to inhale as you lift. Keep your knees and ankles together and exhale while rolling your knees to the right. Keep focused on pressing your arms outward and your shoulders firmly pressed into the floor. Be sure you are breathing deeply while holding this pose. Now gently turn your head to look at your left hand. Concentrate on relaxing and feeling the gentle stretch of this pose. Using this type of yoga for low back pain will stretch the spine and neck, as well as strengthen the muscles in your midsection. Prevention is always the best medicine. While using yoga for low back pain can help with previous injuries, learning how not to repeat the injury is an essential part of keeping your back muscles healthy. When bending to pick something up, even a light object, its important to protect your lower back. For a light object use a one handed lift, while using the other hand to brace against your thigh or a nearby piece of furniture for added support. Heavier objects, or moving objects such as a child, should always be lifted with two hands. Place your feet apart in a wide stance and face the object to be lifted. Standing close to the object, squat down and place your weight on your heels. Push your body up to a standing position with your leg muscles, using your tightened abdominal muscles to keep your spine straight. By practicing safe lifting techniques and exercising your back muscles properly and regularly, most back pain can be avoided. If muscles are injured, easing yourself into yoga can be a beneficial and healthy treatment for your pain. Therefore, the next time your back gives you grief, try using yoga for low back pain reduction. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: