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Yao Ming recalled said the men’s basketball game heavy impact injury but not regret Yao Ming interview news October 7th Yao Ming sports injuries memories Tencent recently with the Shanghai team went to Houston, a preseason with the rockets. In an interview with the U.S. media, Dayao admitted that the national team is a heavy task of the game is one of the factors leading to frequent injuries, but he did not regret it. Yao Ming recalls his first served as the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games flag bearer at the time, "the Olympic Games really shocked, no matter in the world is Chinese or so, but for Chinese is like we open a door to touch the world, I can have the opportunity to lead the delegation as a standard bearer in the gym to go square, it like a dream come true." "The first game with the game, when we ran into the hall, we are inside…… How to put it? It is the one and only the Wukesong arena atmosphere, inside the crowd, it is the first time I felt the floor was quivering, feel the moment the hearts of people across the country are linked together, although it is very strange, but at that moment I really think so. Yeah, that kind of mood is really strong." Dayao continue to say. It is worth mentioning that, in order to participate in the 2008 Olympic Games in, adhere to the early comeback, and frequent national team competition, but also to make the Dayao injury, and ultimately only 31 years old will retire. But Yao Ming chose a low-key farewell, not when asked about the reason put up a pageantry, when Dayao is so income. "I think I was the same person with Duncan, I try to keep a low profile, notify the Rockets I think is quietly as they say, is a good choice for them and me, we can start their new journey. I don’t want to cause too many things." When asked about the past 5 seasons have to return to the idea, said Yao Ming firmly, "never thought." "I’ve had 5-6 serious injuries, the most serious of which was in 2009. The operation should be put into a board on my feet, so to fix my feet. At the same time also need reconstructive surgery, which means to put my big toe apart, so it is not the same as before, so that you can reduce the pressure dispersion make arch. Instead of putting all the pressure on the top, then they gave me an ankle surgery. I thought it was about 5-6 hours in the operation room." Memories of their injuries, Yao Ming regrets. After the interview, when asked whether the team would like to think less, will be good for injuries, said Dayao. "If we can manage it more reasonable, we can avoid some injuries, and I can also do some muscle training. But there is no regret in the world, I think this kind of thing should be good for the future of young players." "To be honest, after 08 years of surgery, my feet didn’t come back to me. Above my left foot instep, up to now are not perceived, perhaps to surgical damage to my nervous system. There’s no feeling in that place. But it is not too much impact on life, perhaps only in the rainy days when there will be some pain, may be 50 years of age will be相关的主题文章: