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Xining innovation park construction started in October 1st – Qinghai channel — original title: Xining innovation park today started construction – leading the transformation of economic development an important platform – a total investment of 1 billion 518 million yuan of important projects of key construction projects, a total investment of 1 billion 518 million yuan in our city — Xining Innovation Park project started construction today. The construction of this project, I implement the general secretary Xi Jinping to promote the sustained and healthy economic development of important instructions and strongly promote the supply side structural reform is an important measure, is an important measure to build a national entrepreneurial city in our city, the city is also constantly strengthen the "weak birds fly first" consciousness, the development of the on the basis of innovation, to create a driving force, rely on innovation to play the first mover advantage, an important platform to lead the restructuring and development. This is the reporter from the Xining city Cci Capital Ltd was informed of the Huangshui river. Xining innovation and entrepreneurship Park, will be created in our city and even the province’s entrepreneurial incubation base in the model! Planning here creates a creative space for grassroots entrepreneurs to dream! Here will become the incubator for innovation and development of small and micro enterprises! Here will be built as a booster of emerging industrial cluster development! Promoting public entrepreneurship and innovation is the source of development and the way to enrich the people. It is of great significance to promote Xining’s economic restructuring, build new engines for development, enhance new development momentum, and take the road of innovation driven development. Our city will give full play to the leading role of innovation and entrepreneurship center, and comprehensively promote innovation driven synergy force innovation system, to build "happy Xining" as the general goal, to build a green development model city". Xining innovation and Pioneering Park is located in the North District of our city, covering a total area of 6.8 hectares (about 102 acres), with a total construction area of 220 thousand square meters, including two parts of the ground building and underground construction, divided into comprehensive service, supporting business and entrepreneurial office 3 functional areas, plans to be completed in 2019. Supporting facilities mainly include commercial street, creative salon, entrepreneurial office building, activity center, catering center, will provide one-stop service for the entrepreneurial crowd. Through the construction of this project, will speed up the formation of a new situation in the public business, innovation in our city, to create a platform to support the public record, Crowdsourcing, the Fu, raise, the good situation of the formation of various types of innovation and technology, mutual promotion of grass-roots elite side by side, online and offline interaction. Encourage more urban and rural workers to achieve employment through independent entrepreneurship, especially for graduates to create more convenient conditions for entrepreneurship, to promote knowledge into productive forces as soon as possible, to bring vitality to the city’s employment and entrepreneurship. At the same time, vigorously develop the "hackerspaces" "entrepreneurial" coffee "Innovation workshop" and other new public record space, universities, scientific research institutions, small entrepreneurial companies, venture capital funds, modern service industry and other enterprises in Xining Innovation Park as the center, forming a network layer, interaction, to stimulate the creativity of the whole society and wisdom creative vitality. (commissioning editor Zhang Zhiping and Yang Yang)

西宁创新创业园10月1日开工建设–青海频道–人民网 原标题:西宁创新创业园今日开工建设 ●引领经济转型发展的重要平台 ●总投资15.18亿元的重要项目 我市重点建设项目、总投资达15.18亿元――西宁创新创业园项目今日开工建设。这一项目的建设,是我市落实习近平总书记“扎扎实实推进经济持续健康发展”重要指示精神和强力推进供给侧结构性改革的重要举措,是我市创建国家级创业型城市的重要举措,也是我市不断强化“弱鸟先飞”意识,把发展的基点放在创新上,塑造出的一个依靠创新驱动力、发挥先发优势,引领转型发展的重要平台。这是记者从西宁市湟水投资管理有限公司获悉的。 西宁创新创业园,将被打造成我市乃至全省创业孵化基地中的典范! 这里规划设有帮助草根创业者圆梦的众创空间! 这里将成为小微企业创新发展的孵化器! 这里将被打造成为新兴产业集群式发展的助力器! 推动大众创业、万众创新,是发展的动力之源,也是富民之道,对于推动西宁经济结构调整、打造发展新引擎、增强发展新动力,走创新驱动发展道路具有重要意义。我市将切实发挥创新创业中心引领作用,全面推动创新驱动协同发力的创新体系,以建设“幸福西宁”为总目标,打造“绿色发展样板城市”。 西宁创新创业园位于我市城北区,总占地6.8公顷(约合102亩),总建筑面积22万平方米,包括地上建筑和地下建筑两部分,分为综合服务、配套商业和创业办公3个功能区,计划2019年建成。配套设施主要包括创客商业街、创客沙龙、创业办公楼、活动中心、餐饮中心,将为创业人群提供一站式服务。 通过本项目建设,将加快在我市形成大众创业、万众创新的新局面,打造众创、众包、众扶、众筹的支撑平台,形成各类创新主体互促、民间草根与科技精英并肩、线上与线下互动的良好局面。鼓励更多的城乡劳动者通过自主创业实现就业,尤其是为毕业大学生创造更为便利的创业条件,促进知识尽快转化为生产力,为全市就业创业带来生机。同时大力发展“创客空间”“创业咖啡”“创新工场”等新型众创空间,大学、科研机构、创业小公司、风险投资基金、现代服务业等企业将以西宁创新创业园为中心,形成网络,层层互动,充分激发全社会的创新智慧与创造活力。 (责编:张志平、杨阳)相关的主题文章: