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Why can Pu’er Tea investment, how to avoid the risk of Pu’er Tea – Sohu and map: 2011 Yi Feng · column tea, tea Kunming South Beauty dry warehouse storage Pu’er Tea why and not the same as other types of tea, drink and remove the investment value of the collection. We mainly from the following aspects. 1, Pu’er Tea the more Yue Chen, a piece of tea Chen, similar to a person’s growth process, love impulse from Bothrops rash, become calm and calm down, this is a kind of experience, is also a kind of culture. Pu’er Tea aging is not only the change of tea, but also changed the taste palatability, reduce the bitter sweetness, green flavor taste moremellowand cleared, the key is for conversion of a palatable fragrance. Figure 2011: · Yi; Feng Ming Tea column, South Beauty Kunming dry warehouse storage 2, Pu’er Tea is stylish, historical marks, such as packaging, flying, Pu’er Tea type for AC transmission, more suitable for investment. 3, Chen Pu cycle is too long, we must introduce third party funds into the transformation of general Pu’er Tea will need ten years period of eight years, occupying the funds for such a long time a large number of manufacturers, businesses are difficult to continue, must be part of the production to idle funds to participate in, and funding to participate is not a place in the end. Can exchange, exit mechanism. Figure 2011: · Yi; Feng Ming Tea column, South Beauty Kunming dry warehouse storage 4, historical reason Chen Huazhong tea stock less, but the future market is expanding. The early aging of tea is not only a small number and species rich, such as the now popular pure material famous series such as the old class chapter, Iceland Wang Shu tea, tea did not now so delicate, subdivision, a vacancy which is the product line. Figure 2011: · Yi; Feng column tea, tea Kunming South beauty store dry value 5, Pu’er Tea which is equal to the quality and brand, quality brand awareness and consumption, determines the realization rate, such as beauty people scattered people unknown, once participated in the China good voice, Master show on the world see, what are these programs, in fact is the channel, to be the beautiful people know is most channels, and the role of the brand is to build the channel, after all Pu’er Tea precipitated a lot of money, these funds for the success of the investment is the main standard of value realization. Seize the quality is a kind of investment, seize the brand is a kind of speculation, the perfect combination of the two is very successful investment, quality to an invincible position difference in what occurs when the horses, the blind pursuit of the brand will be caught in the whirlpool at any time the risk of speculation, flower drum. 6, Puer tea price chain, the overall situation, the establishment of benchmark tea. There are many kinds of Puer tea, such as the stars in the sky, how to straighten them out, we must establish the overall situation of Pu Erh tea. According to the time and process characteristics to Pu’er Tea classification history, tea, Indian tea, eight old tea, tea (mid Mesozoic tea) and tea. These were established in the tea tea classification benchmark, the so-called benchmark market is an important portion of tea tea, its price fluctuation can link, is the basis for the formation of around the price of tea, tea was once the benchmark network相关的主题文章: