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Why do not ban the EMU train speed ban? Railway sector response – public welfare – People’s network on August 15th, EMU smoking punishment provisions upgrade. Pictured on the Shijiazhuang Railway Station platform, passengers take advantage of the parking spaces to get off smoking. Beijing morning news reporter Wang Wei photo in August 15th, the railway department released an upgraded version of the "EMU smoking penalties", railway ticket system (including the ticket window, 12306 websites and mobile phone client, automatic ticket vending machine) for smoking in the EMU train is punished by the public security organs according to law the passengers can suspend the sale of EMU ticket. In this regard, recently there are passengers to reflect this newspaper, why the full ban on motor vehicles, the introduction of severe punishment, and the general speed train does not smoke it? Railway sector, said high-speed rail train closed car body, high-speed operation, and the car has a large number of sensors, there will be smoke that the vehicle emergency deceleration or parking. General speed train is not completely closed, and the same ban on smoking in the car, only allowed to smoke in the smoking area. The bed near the smoking area suffered Xunde sleepless night during the summer vacation, the public Mr. Chen from Beijing take the Z prefix train sleeper travel. "I bought the evening to morning trips, didn’t think of that night, I couldn’t sleep." Mr. Chen said, because his berth near the smoking area, no smoking in the car he was "smokers" smoke inside, toss about can’t sleep. Mr. Chen see in the smoking area near the door is provided with two folding ashtray, there are a lot of cigarette butts, but the window can not be opened, causing the smoke discharged out. "Why does the motor car ban smoking, the general speed train does not smoke?" Chen said that whether it is out of safety or for other passengers to consider the health, I hope the general speed train can also be a total ban on smoking. During the summer, the Beijing morning news reporters who ride from Zunyi to Liuzhou normal speed trains, the train also has a smoking area, and in the evening many travelers choose to chat to pass the time in the smoking section, although not completely closed space, but smoking nearby can still smell the smoke thicker. There are also a considerable part of the usual smoking habits of passengers that the non full closed aisle smoking, little impact. Especially for those who have many years of smoking habits, it is not easy to quit smoking. "The general speed train car a long time, sometimes between stations spaced several hours, so no smoking area, smoking for our people, really tough. But to be honest, no matter what the train compartment should not smoke." Wang said the public. The new "smoking penalties EMU" to upgrade the Beijing morning news reporter combing found that since January 1, 2014, "the promulgation and implementation of the railway safety management regulations" seventy-seventh article fourteenth and ninety-fifth are clearly defined in the non-smoking area, smoking compartment or other high-speed trains, according to the circumstances and consequences of violations, a fine of 500 yuan more than 2000 yuan the following penalties for smoking behavior; to train fire and other serious consequences of smoking, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility. The reporter learned that, since the automatic train crew, passengers in violation of the provisions of many individual EMU parts are not allowed to smoke in the EMU) ".相关的主题文章: