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Vacation-Rentals Tourists that .e to Delhi from different parts of the country as well as from abroad may be fascinated to know that there are several attractions to explore and they will be really satisfied to get their best ac.modation deals during their stay in Delhi. There are several hotels that offer their tourists with the cheap and best ac.modations conforming to the international levels of service mingled with the warmth of Indian hospitality. Delhi is the most buzzing tourist hub in the country that attracts not only domestic residents but also overseas tourists from different parts of the world. Delhi is basically divided into two divisions. One part is known as Old Delhi which encases major historic monuments built by Mughals. The old City has always captivated tourists and its charm is still fresh as it was before. The old city has now turned into a popular market in Delhi called Chandni Chowk. The other part is known as New Delhi and it is more like a cosmopolitan city with huge range of cross ethnic and cultural presence of the Indian political system and establishment. Delhi as the capital of India is home to people from different states with unique traditions and cultures, providing tourists to experience India in a nutshell. This is one of the major reasons that visitors to the city will get wide range of hotels that cater different cuisines and exotic culinary from different parts of India. Hotels in New Delhi .prise of luxurious hotels, star categorized hotels, bouquet hotels, deluxe hotels, budget hotels and airport hotels among others. There are many renowned hotels in Delhi that offer the best of services and all the latest facilities that are required by the tourists. The hospitality and service offered by these hotels reflect the loving nature of the people of India. The best time to stay in Delhi is during the festive season. Some of the prominent festivals that are celebrated with much vigor and excitement include Dusshera, Diwali, Lohri, Holi, Shivratri, Guru Purv, Eid ul Fitr, Eid ul Adha, Christmas and Buddha Jayanti to name a few. During this time, it is simply the best way to experience the real charm and culture of India. In the recent years, each of the hotels in Delhi have their own websites that help the tourists book their ac.modations well in advance to get rid of the hassles afterwards. These hotels give the opportunity of online rooms booking, thereby saving a lot of time for the travelers. The facility to book ac.modation online has made life even easier for the tourists that .e from far off places. Delhi has some of the most exuberant tourist destinations in India. There are several historic monuments and heritage buildings that make Delhi the most visited tourist hub bringing more travelers from different corners of the world every year. If there are those looking for Delhi hotels offering discounted packages there are several sites that help the tourists to choose their preferred hotels in Delhi at the best deal. There are several cheap hotels, budget hotels, family hotels, offering modern facilities and amenities at most unbelievable prices. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: