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When will the autumn leaves of Ligustrum, the main Sohu health cream – paste season has to continue to bring our common medicine paste inside for you, today introduced the taste of Yin Chinese Name: Ligustrum lucidum. Is it a good name? Ligustrum obtusifolium, Ligustrum lucidum dried ripe fruit. The product is oval, oval or kidney shaped, long 6 ~ 8.5mm, diameter of 3.5 ~ 5.5mm. Born in the Yangtze River Basin and the south of China, Henan, Shaanxi, Gansu and other places, the north is not too cold places have introduced in the south of the north, India also has a distribution. Privet "materia Sutra" records, Ligustrum lucidum, smell Ju yin,…… It is five renal repair, self security, the spirit of self-sufficiency, and body fat health to carry diseases. The ancient Ligustrum lucidum was considered for tonifying kidney yin. Efficacy of taste: sweet, bitter, flat. Liver, kidney. The function of Tonifying the liver and kidney, clear heat, strong waist, Ming eyes and ears, black hair. Attending Light-headedness, Yaoxisuanruan, tinnitus, spermatorrhea, premature graying hair, eyes dark unknown, osteopyrexia and fever. Modern medical research shows that Ligustrum lucidum can hypolipidemic, anti atherosclerosis, hypoglycemic, anti liver damage, there is a strong heart, dilation of coronary artery dilatation, cardiovascular system, peripheral blood vessels, diuretic, cough, laxative, antibacterial anti-inflammatory effect. To tell you a good news, the city of traditional Chinese medicine, paste party section has begun. Would you like to know more about the paste? Quick attention to this subscription WeChat dialogue reply paste side to get more details!相关的主题文章: