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Tennis As we all know, each individual has its unique needs and desires. This is a general truth that also applies to the world of sports. When you set down a path of performing a sport, for a living or for pleasure, then you should be very careful when you chose the equipment you will use. The equipment chosen for your performance will indeed make the difference on your style of play. Because of this you should take under consideration the number of factors that influence the future performance. When it .es to tennis racquets, the decision is very hard to make, if you are uncertain or poorly informed about the details of each piece of equipment. Now I am not trying to make a .mercial statement about the manufacturers, because all of them have their unique characteristics, but the fact of the matter is that Wilson tennis racquets are one of the best choices you can make when it .es to tennis equipment. Wilson tennis racquets can be found in all sizes, but the choice you make should be according to your features. When I am talking about size, I do not mean only the length of the entire racquet, but also surface of the head, both of which are very important. For players that are starting off in this sport or for the ones that practice tennis for recreational reasons, the best choice for a Wilson tennis racquet would be one with a length greater than the standard 28 inches. This is because they will have more power of reach and they can increase their capacity for spinning. If you feel more confident or you want more control, you should minimize the length. The size of the head is also very important and should be chosen according to ones needs. A Wilson tennis racquet with a surface of more than 107 square inches will allow you to hit the ball easier. When you choose a surface between 100 and 105 square inches, your control will be evenly distributed, but one that has less than 98 inches can turn you into a very aggressive player. The weight is another important factor when you make your choice. For beginners and recreational players the Wilson tennis racquets which may answer their needs best are the lighter ones. This is because they conserve the players energy levels. For the ones that have gained control over their game and feel more confident, heavier Wilson tennis racquets will provide better results. The power of their shots and returns will be increased, but this will demand more of the players physical condition. The final part which you should take under consideration is the shape of the Wilson tennis racquets head. This will determine which part of the string bed is the most powerful. The decision should be made according to your preferences. 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