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What is the ending of the novel of sparrow? Who is the real sparrow? Diversity plot introduced to the finale – Fujian Channel – People’s original title: "sparrow" novel ending is what? Who is the real sparrow? The diversity introduced to the finale drama "sparrow" adapted from the original novel of the same name famous screenwriter Matt, along with the launch of TV drama, the story of ups and downs, is too attractive, firmly grasp the audience’s attention. "Sparrow" of the characters and the final outcome of life and death to lift the curiosity of the fans. A lot of people have already begun to be curious about the outcome of the main characters in the original novel, so in the original novel "sparrow" in the end of the story, he died? Who will be the last one? Chen Shen and Bi Zhongliang who won the last game? In the novel "the sparrow", about Chen’s ending is very subtle, a lot of people think that Chen has died, there are a lot of people to understand Chen deep on the eve of the liberation is still active in the forefront of war. Chen Shen was a soldier who had to go deep into the enemy position in order to finish the task. In the play, the role played by Li Yifeng. Chen Shen in the middle of an ordinary life into the enemy, therefore had to be very also forced in lead a fast, drug trafficking and other activities. (Lin Dongxiao, commissioning editor Shi Yunjuan) original title: "what is the sparrow" the end of the story? Who is the real sparrow? The diversity introduced to the finale wrote in the final chapter novel "sparrow", Chen deep and spring sheep successfully carried out the transfer, but a raging undercurrent has not ended, the new crisis is coming, although not explicitly specify Chen deep end, but still can tell Chen deep in the outcome of the text the ink in the pen. Chen Shen is very likely because the spring and sheep handover, in order to ensure the safety of information, have to sacrifice ourselves for the spring of sheep. Of course, there are a lot of people think Chen deep in the end did not sacrifice, and may be able to before death. But according to the author of the novel’s intention, it will lead to the destruction of the sparrow, and the name of Chen Shen and Chinese ancient Chen also have similarities, so Chen deep eventually escape the robbery. TV drama, the sparrow is still not known, but according to a variety of clues, Chen’s fate will still be like the original general, in order to the hearts of the faith and sacrifice their lives. TV drama "sparrow" in the production process, once said, will try to maintain the novel line, so Chen deep final outcome is likely to be heroic martyrdom. Bi Zhongliang was originally an officer of the Kuomintang, and Chen was a comrade in arms. In a siege red bandit battle, Bi Zhongliang was hit by a piece of shrapnel bomb, almost died on the battlefield. Thanks to Chen Shen, he took him to the hospital. Before removing shrapnel in his medical staff, or Chen deep as he cut her hair. Also because of this matter, Bi Zhongliang and Chen forged a deep friendship. Subsequently, Bi Zhongliang persuaded Chen deep, two people together to the puppet government. Bi Zhongliang served as the captain of the team directly under the action, and Chen deep as the first team captain. In fact, at this time, Chen has been buried in the Communist Party of Wang puppet government相关的主题文章: