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Business Holy molly is we allowed taking a photo? It is Monday of Masters week and a crowd has gathered round the practice green. Only they are all facing the wrong way, with their backs turned. A few yards or so off in another direction the 14-year-old Chinese phenomenon Guan Tailing is finishing his first practice round, taking a few tips on how to read the pitch and roll of the 18th green from the old hand Ben Crenshaw. The fans are not watching him either. Their eyes are focused on the lawn outside the clubhouse, where the waiters in white jackets and black bow ties flutter around the laden tables, distributing $15 shrimp salads and pink Azalea cocktails. At table 14 there is an Brigade Lakefront sight that is rarer, almost, than a 14-year-old Chinese kid playing the Masters: a woman in a green jacket.The Augusta National Golf Club finally has a female member two, in fact: Condoleezza Rice, the former Republican secretary of state, and Darla Moore, a partner in the private investment firm Rainwater. Someone catches a glimpse of Rice eating lunch. Word soon spreads. Where, where is she? Can you see her? I thought she was taller than that! They say she is a hell of a putter! She sure looks good in that green jacket. So she does. The air at Augusta refined, but the atmosphere unreconstructed. In his classic essay from 2003 Whets it like to be a member? Ron Sirak described the clubhouse as a peaceful enclave for powerful men. There are around 300 members, most of them current or former CEOs. Its more about power than money, wrote Sirak. It is not what you can afford but who you know and how you act. Believe it. Membership is by invitation only. In the 1990s Bill Gates made the mistake of doing a little discreet campaigning to join and ended up being blackballed for the finest part of a decade.Admitting you would like to join is one of a series of things that the club looks on unfavourably, along with high-stakes gambling, wearing shorts and, for a long while, eating French fries, which the co-founder Clifford Roberts decried as unhealthy. That last unwritten rule was redressed long before the one about there being no female members. Talking to the press is as well as considered a little vulgar, so Rice is keeping quiet about how good it feels to be here. On Sunday she played a round with her favourite player, Phil Mickelson, who gushed about her putting. A member of her entourage did let slip that while they were walking the course people have been paying more attention to her than they do Tiger Woods. And she stops for everyone. We keep telling her that, if she gets tired we can shoot them away, but she wont have it. Change has been a long while .ing. But then time moves at it own sweet, slow pace at Augusta. In 2003 Martha Burk, chair of the National Council of Organisations, tried to hurry things along when she started a Brigade Lakefront Bangalore park outside the club gates. William Hootie Johnson, then the club chairman, insisted the club would not be bossed at the point of a bayo.. These are not men who are used to being told what to do. Billy Payne took over from Johnson in 2006. He said on Tuesday that we have felt the obligation for decades to try to be a posit influence in the game of golf. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: