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Wang Yi: North Korea missile technology to launch a satellite to pay Wang Yi and Lavrov fear (data plan) according to Xinhua News Agency reported on February 5th, foreign minister Wang Yi and 5 Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on the phone, on bilateral relations and international and regional issues of common concern, exchange of views. The two sides spoke highly of a series of landmark achievements made by China Russia strategic partnership in cooperation last year. In the face of the complex and changeable international situation, China and Russia should maintain the momentum of high-level visits, strengthen strategic communication, deepen strategic cooperation and safeguard common strategic interests. According to Itar Tass news February 4th, Russian ambassador Andre, he told reporters on Wednesday, Russian President Putin plans to visit Chinese during the year, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang will visit Russia at the end of the year. On the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue, the two sides agreed that under the current situation, the parties should no longer adopt new actions to intensify tensions, and should resolve the nuclear issue of the peninsula back to the track of negotiation through the resolutions of the Security Council and the efforts of all parties. With regard to the Syria issue, the two sides agreed that the international community should earnestly implement resolution 2254, seize the window of the peace talks, eliminate interference, overcome difficulties, maintain peace talks momentum, and adhere to the political settlement direction. Wang Yi told Phoenix Satellite television that if North Korea wants to launch satellites with missile technology, which violates the UN Security Council resolutions and is not recognized by the international community, the DPRK may have to pay a price. But he stressed that negotiations are the only way to solve the Korean nuclear issue. He pointed out that negotiations are the only right way to solve the Korean Peninsula issue. To the outside voice, the negotiations have failed, no need to talk again, he retorted that the six party talks interrupted eight years, the situation continues to tense. He stressed that he had reached an agreement with U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Kerrey earlier, and the United States believed that sanctions were not the end and should come back to the negotiating table. At present, the key is the two sides of the decision, more important is, this is what we want to say now. The Ministry of foreign affairs website news yesterday evening, President Xi Jinping on the same day, South Korean President Park Geun hye phone calls for South Korea, China supports the UN Security Council sanctions resolution. In an exclusive interview with London on 4 July, Wang Yi also said that the Chinese government had passed a clear position on the DPRK side through special envoys, and China did not want to cause any further tension. It is understood that Wang Yi from January 30th to February 6th in Malawi, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, Africa four countries official visit.

王毅:朝鲜用导弹技术发射卫星恐要付出代价 王毅与拉夫罗夫(资料图)   据新华社2月5日报道,外交部长王毅5日与俄罗斯外长拉夫罗夫通电话,就双边关系和共同关心的国际和地区问题交换意见。   双方高度评价去年中俄全面战略协作伙伴关系取得的一系列标志性成果。一致认为,进入新的一年,面对复杂多变的国际形势,中俄应保持高层互访势头,加强战略沟通,深化战略合作,维护共同战略利益。   据俄通社-塔斯社2月4日消息,俄罗斯驻华大使安德烈・杰尼索夫周三对记者表示,俄罗斯总统普京计划在年内访问中国,中国国务院总理李克强也将于年末访问俄罗斯。   关于朝鲜半岛核问题,双方一致认为,当前形势下,各方不应再采取激化紧张局势的新行动,应通过安理会决议和各方努力,将半岛核问题重新拉回谈判解决的轨道。   关于叙利亚问题,双方一致认为,国际社会应认真执行2254号决议,抓住叙和谈机会之窗,排除干扰,克服困难,保持和谈势头,坚持政治解决方向。   王毅对凤凰卫视表示,如果朝鲜要用导弹技术发射卫星,违反联合国安理会决议,得不到国际社会认同,朝方恐怕要付出代价。但他强调,谈判是解决朝核问题唯一途径。   他指出,谈判才是解决朝鲜半岛问题的唯一正确途径。对于外界有声音说,谈判已经失败不用再谈了,他反驳说,正是六方会谈中断的八年形势不断出现紧张。   他强调,他与美国国务卿克里早前达成共识,美方认为制裁不是目的应该回到谈判桌前来。而目前的关键是美朝双方的决断,更重要的是,这是我们现在想说的事情。   外交部网站昨日晚间消息,国家主席习近平当天同韩国总统朴槿惠通电话,韩方呼吁中方支持安理会对朝制裁决议。   王毅4日在伦敦接受专访时也表示,中国政府已经通过特使向朝鲜方面传递了中方的明确立场,中国不希望再出现导致局势进一步紧张的事件。   据了解,王毅于1月30日至2月6日对马拉维、毛里求斯、莫桑比克、纳米比亚非洲四国进行正式访问。相关的主题文章: