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Visit India scholars: no BRIC countries pale India cooperation prospects – Beijing, China News Agency, India Goa in October 14 – Title: visit India scholars: no BRIC countries pale India News Agency reporter Zhou Rui China cooperation promising President Xi Jinping 15 will attend the meeting in India, Goa, the leaders of the BRIC countries held eighth times. Around the BRIC countries will be eclipsed, what are the focus of the BRICs summit and India cooperation prospects to the parties concerned topic, India China Research Institute deputy director of Jabin T.Jacob, chairman of the Srikanth Kondapalli Center for East Asian Studies at Nehru University in India to accept China News Agency reporter interview to talk about their views. BRIC countries can maintain growth will not be eclipsed along with the recent fall in commodity prices, part of the BRIC countries the sharp economic downturn, import and export has shrunk significantly. Whether the BRIC fade will become a hot topic. 4 this month, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) President Lagarde made it clear that developing economies for the next two years with the global economic growth will exceed 75%, is still an important engine of world economic growth. However, Jabin T.Jacob pointed out that the BRIC countries temporarily unable to pull the world economy from a weak recovery as a whole pulled out. Because in the current state, in addition to the real world economic growth in China and India, several other countries need to make their economies out of recession. Srikanth Kondapalli is more optimistic, he believes that each BRIC countries still have the opportunity to maintain growth in a long time. Srikanth Kondapalli analysis, in particular, Brazil, South Africa and Russia are known for their rich natural resources, China and India are the world’s manufacturing center. It is true that countries have encountered different problems, but all BRIC countries have the ability and conditions to restore vitality. The peak must solve common challenges in the field of global issues for the BRIC summit, Srikanth Kondapalli said, if Fung will be held on the right track coincides with the BRIC banks increasingly. Currently, the BRIC banks need a reasonable credit regulator. So an important topic of the fruit will Fung should focus on credit rating agencies. He pointed out that considering the BRIC countries, most of the population is heavily dependent on agriculture, fruit Fung may establish a mechanism to support the sustainable development of agriculture. At the political level, the fruit will focus on the fight against terrorism will be expected to peak. Jabin T.Jacob said, the top leaders and officials gathered together and held a series of semi formal activities of the BRIC summit mechanism is still able to play a role. He stressed that the mechanism to continue, the BRIC countries need to pay attention to some geopolitical issues, pay more attention to the common challenges in solving global problems. "Such as public health, providing technical, financial and banking services to the poor, and policies to encourage small and medium enterprises," J相关的主题文章: