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Landscaping-Gardening A .mon misconception is that orchids are extremely difficult to maintain, but with at least 25,000 species of orchids and over 100,000 hybrids, caring for orchids is actually extremely manageable whether you are an experienced horticulturist or not. Most orchids dont require any more attention than the average indoor or garden plants, but of course, there a few types that do need some special care. First and foremost, you need to know and understand what the specific requirements are for your new orchid. Because they have such delicate blooms, orchids have be.e very popular as a house plant. If your orchid receives the attention it requires, it will produce blooms for years just as spectacular as when you first bought it. The Phaleanopsis orchid is especially popular as it is easier to maintain than some of the other, rarer species, and is either white or purple. An orchid will bloom for at least 3 months of the year every year if it is taken care of correctly. The best place to keep your orchid is by the window on the east-side of your home. This will ensure that it receives the correct amount of sunlight and shade. But, due to a sometimes harsh midday sun, it can suffer so this should be avoided. As mentioned, the eastern side of your home is best as the morning and afternoon sun will have a huge benefit on your orchid. Another option is fluorescent lights about a foot above the blooms as this method is a good substitute, although exposure to natural sunlight is preferred. The best temperatures to grow orchids between are 55 Fahrenheit (13 Celsius) and 80 Fahrenheit (27 Celsius). Any higher than this will have a damaging effect on your orchid which you certainly dont want. If an orchid is subjected to temperatures higher than 90 Fahrenheit (32 Celsius) it will very quickly lose its buds or will just stop blooming altogether. The flower needs to be kept moist but if its over-watered, it can kill the blooms. If your orchid is watered once every one or two weeks or is permanently kept in a water tray, you will experience few issues. Having said that, if you do keep your orchid in a water tray, the only thing to remember is to not let the roots touch the bottom or edges of the tray this will lead to a continuous water supply and result in over-watering. A top tip to maintain your orchid and the longevity of its blooms, is to use fertilizer before it blooms each time. After it has bloomed, fertilizing your orchid is not required again until the next season. Also, pruning your orchid while its blooming will instigate a second set of flowers to begin developing. If you follow just these two simple steps, youll be the proud owner of a stunning orchid plant that will be the envy of your neighborhood. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: