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Trump Hilary: those words you think of the "Golden Tax": Hilary Trump’s tax cuts, that is "Trump on the economy". Economy (Trumped-up, trickle-down) trade Hilary: when I was in the Senate, I considered a lot of trade agreements, some voted against, some voted in favor. During my tenure as secretary of state, U.S. exports to the world grew by 30%. I know how to increase employment and expand exports. Trump: you didn’t do it for 30 years or in the last 26 years. Execuse me, your husband passed the NAFTA (NAFTA), which is the biggest blow to the U.S. manufacturing industry. Hilary: that’s just your opinion. Donald, I know you live in your own world, but that’s not true. Fed Trump: the Fed is about politics, when Obama retired to play golf, the U.S. economy is bad luck?. Mail and tax bill Trump: Secretary of state Hilary, you can call it? (omitted in the lengthy criticism of Hilary in the period of the Secretary of state) Trump: when Hilary announced his mail, I will release his tax returns. Hilary: Trump will announce the tax bill, he was hiding something. Trump: the attack on the Democratic Convention may be a 400 pound man lying in bed. Fat lying gun Iraq Hilary: Trump to support the invasion of iraq. Trump: wrong wrong! Hilary: it has been repeatedly verified and as sure as a gun. Trump: wrong! I didn’t support invasion of Iraq. It was Hilary. Hilary’s best friend in the election is "mainstream media". Trump: I’m better than Hilary. This is my character to win (winning temperament)! Hilary: Woo~ OK…… Trump doesn’t have a normal personality. Hilary: in dealing with nuclear weapons on nuclear weapons, Trump shows arrogant and nonchalant (cavalier attitude). A twitter can make him angry, he doesn’t deserve to control with nuclear weapons. Trump: nuclear risk, not climate change, is the first threat facing the United states. "President" host: you (Trump) has said that the president does not have (look) (president)? Trump: Hilary has no physical strength as president (Stamina). Hilary: you have visited 125 countries, after signing a peace and cease-fire agreement, come and tell me. Trump: you have experience, but you can’t do it well! Hilary: Trump tries to shift the conversation from appearance to strength. He used to be a pig, a fool and a dog. Who is the loser’s last question: one will lose, can pick up the star相关的主题文章: