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Vacation-Rentals I am one of those people who just love to explore. Some people talk about travelling; I talk about exploring. After a trip through Europe and parts of Africa, staying at hostels and sometimes camping under the stars, my vagabond spirit was only fuelled for more. But it can be such a pain constantly trying to find somewhere safe and clean to sleep. When I find some gorgeous hidden away scenic village, I hate having to spend the rest of the day finding somewhere to sleep. If the world were a friendlier place, I would simply camp out every night, but obviously that is not always safe or practical. I recently talked to an old friend of mine from college, Suzanna, who had just travelled all over the United States in a tiny motorhome she bought. She loves collecting antiques and vintage clothes, and so it was a perfect way for her to travel. My girlfriend and I have been planning a trip to Australia, and after hearing about Suzannas trip, I decided to search for a campervan to hire in Australia. My girlfriend thought I must be nuts to even think of such an idea, but you really can hire a campervan in a lot of different countries; including Australia! Once I began to look into the campervan hire option, my eyes got bigger and bigger. You can rent a campervan to ac.modate anywhere from two to six people. Any good rental will have at least automatic transmission, four wheel drive, a kitchen, bathroom, shower, and large bed. And, the .pany we rented through provided 24 hour help and protection in case we broke down or needed any assistance along our journey. So, we are planning to leave for Australia in April, and I am so excited! Some people need a tour all planned out for them; they dont want to have to do all the work of figuring out where to go and what to see. But for me, deciding where to go is half of the fun. I have been pouring over books about Australia, deciding which parts of the country I want to see most. If you hire a campervan, you have to be more prepared and find out beforehand which roads are safe, as well as stock up on plenty of maps. But then, the beauty begins. I have been on the tour packages where it is one day long adventure after another; Europe in seven days; the wonders of Egypt in three. On these tours, at some point, you have seen so much and are so tired that you begin to not really even care anymore. Nothing sounds more laid-back, relaxing and fun than a campervan vacation at your own pace. No worrying about where to sleep or deadlines, or even having to find somewhere to use a toilet. Decide to go hiking up a muddy, tropical trail? No problem! When youre done just hop in the campervan and shower off. Spent the previous night up talking, gazing at the starry southern sky and talking? Just sleep in as long as you like or take a nap in the middle of the day. There is no hotel to charge you extra for a late check-out and no loud backpackers who wake you up at 5AM. I cant wait until we get to Brisbane and begin our drive up the eastern coast past several Heritage-listed National Park areas to the Great Barrier Reef. And if we see anything along our path that piques our interest, we can stop for as long as we like! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: