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Jewelry-Diamonds These days tiaras are often seen at weddings, balls and other formal events; but at one time they were the preserve of royalty. In fact, a tiara is a form of coronet, which has been worn throughout history by various kings, queens, and emperors around the globe. Tiara has be.e a feminine symbol for a bride. It is a crescent band (often metal), decorated with precious stones. It is worn by the bride around their head or on the forehead. A bridal tiara is a contemporary representation of style, grace and beauty of a bride. It is adorned as an important piece of bridal attire and a perfect memento for the special day. Today, various options are available but bridal tiaras are an option to use with any hairstyle, dress or veil. More elaborately a princess or crown tiaras are stunning without a veil. Our .pilation of tiaras is of guaranteed quality and reasonably priced. We make Swarovski crystal tiaras with different graceful designs, which are truly perfect for a bride. Our wide variety of bridal tiaras .prises of Annabelle tiara: With an array of glittering Swarovski crystals, the Annabelle tiara emanates purity. It is approximately 3.5cm high at the central point and .es beautifully wrapped in an exclusive Olivier Laudus presentation box. Carmella tiara: A Stunning tiara catching the light beautifully with Swarovski beads and crystals. Chantelle tiara: The mixture of Swarovski crystal shapes gives this tiara a contemporary feel with an edge. Florence tiara: This sparkling tiara will look the part for the bride that has flower theme. Each flower is made out 5 Swarovski crystals and a diamante stud in the centre. Sharron tiara: Very elegant bridal tiara featuring daisies encrusted with Swarovski crystals. The height of this tiara is 2cm. Tiffany tiara: A classic tiara design made using freshwater pearls and AB crystal Swarovski beads. Victoria tiara: Beautiful tiara embellished with crystals and Swarovsi beads. This tiara is approximately 2 cm high. All our collection of tiaras is made to suit customers’ taste and choice. Whether you want it as a souvenir for the bride or for yourself we can offer you the best design and quality of tiaras at the best price. If you need more information on Tiaras, please feel free to get in touch with Olivier Laudus. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: