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Business Customer advocates – those customers who proactively suggest your .pany to associates who might benefit – are the ultimate sales strategy. Customer advocates leverage sales resources because they actually suggest your .pany to potential customers what could be better marketing? Customer advocates put their word or reputation on the line for your .pany! But even very experienced sales managers cant implement this strategy without a customer-centric organisational culture behind them. The most successful sales managers consciously take five key actions to build such a culture, because you cant create customer advocates on your own! You need a customer-centric sales vision that includes a team selling psychology. It takes a team for service to be the primary value add and it is precisely this value-add which develops customers into advocates. Salespeople are entrepreneurs who are responsible for customer relationships, but it takes a thriving sales culture for sustainable success. It is a sales managers responsibility to createa sales culture throughout an organisation. The first action in creating a sales culture is to champion a customer-focused business strategy throughout the .pany, not just in the sales department. CEOs often start in sales, and one reason is that they see the customers point of view! A customer-focused business strategy means every business action considers, as equally as possible, the customers and the .panys objectives. A mutually profitable relationship is the only one that will succeed in the long run. Think of a scale of 0 to 10, where 0 fulfils all of the customers needs but none of the .panys (like profit), and 10 is profitable for the .pany but unsatisfactory for the customer. A customer-focused business strategy strives to be 5, which is different from win-win! The second action is to insist that added value be the .petitive advantage, not price. Sales is the business of servicing customers and its the customers perception of added value that wins and keeps the business. Since every customer is different, every customers perception of value will also be different. So it is the job of a sales manager to help her team to offer each customer value as they would define it. A one-size-fits-all approach to adding value wont work. The third action of successful sales managers is to implement customer-centric solution selling. This kind of selling only sells customers what they want or need. Customer-centric selling is about genuinely helping customers, synching with their decision process and measuring success in their results. It is the job of a sales manager to set up the metrics that will measure success from the customers point of view. This may be more than a successful delivery of a solution! The fourth action is for the sales manager to insist that everyone who .es in contact with a customer lives and breathes the highest standard of customer service. All success metrics growth in revenue, market share, customer retention, referrals measure customers response to service. Their response demonstrates their level of relationship. This is a leading indicator on the ladder of referral on the way to a customer an advocate. Finally, there are the processes and procedures that set up a framework for team selling. Shared information and expectations expands the service team! Culture trumps strategy. To just announce a strategy of team selling is useless. It must be reinforced at every turn recruitment processes, coaching methods, meetings, problem solving procedures and planning. Culture might seem removed from the day-to-day nuts and bolts of sales management, but its not. Its the foundation of sales management success customer advocates. Building a customer-centric culture is like building solid walls in a house the only thing that will support the roof! A thriving sales culture is a solid house with a roof that doesnt leak! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: