The Nissan Sunny Sedan Car Is Worth Buying-remonstrate

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Automobiles The all new Nissan Sunny is a car that is bound to make some first impressions. The car is ripped off from the same "V" platform of the Nissan Micra. The Nissan Sunny is actually named as Versa in the other parts of the world as the name already is bagged by a Maruti car. One of the main reasons the car creates a first impression is because it is quite large with a huge leg space, lengthy wheel base and spacious interiors. The similarity in size might resemble the Honda Civic or a Skoda Laura. The similarity to the Nissan Micra ends with the V platform alone. There is nothing else apart from the logo that resembles the Micra. The Sunny is cheap only in terms of the cost. Otherwise it has good contemporary flowing lines, an artistically designed front fiasco and equally ravishing back end which means the Sunny scores in terms of overall beauty. The wheel structure is similar to that of the Corolla Altis which invariably leads to spacious interiors. The rear seats too are spacious with good legroom. However a slanting roofline results in a leaning backrest. The front seats are also .fortable with good thigh support and side padding. The car has a premium feel interior as well. The chrome-ringed dials, the silver accents on the steering wheel, and the Micra-like chrome door handles give the car a costly effect. The materials used their quality; the fit and finish are also up to the expectations. A few cheap plastic bits like the air-con controls and window switches do exist. With a 420 litres, the boot space is pretty large. The Sunny is equipped with gen next 1600cc petrol motor. With 109bhp it also has a decent power with good throttle response. The Indian counterpart will .e with a smaller 1.5-litre petrol powering up to 107.5bhp. The car responds well during a stable driving response and there is not much of a rattle even up to the mid range. The car does have the power but also roars on the high rpm. The gear transmission is also smooth with a good CVT. The transmission is easy to use and effortless. Initially the car has some hick ups but once you are into a zone the car responds well. The noise factor also seems to be under reasonable decibels for a car of this price range. The road .fort is really smooth due to the Macpherson strut and with a long wheel base you do feel like you are in a big car. Even at break neck speeds of 140 kmph the car has good road presence with just a finger tip needed to maintain the straight line. The brakes are too worth mentioning for their accuracy. The car might fool you into driving for the thrills but you will very soon realize the truth. It is not a car for the fast and furious. The car is a .plete Indian buy. It is large and good looking. The interior is spacious and .fortable. The drive performance is also solid with more than decent power. The .pany plans to .e up with a 1.5-litre diesel that powers the Micra on sale soon. With the right price the Sunny has the potential to shake up the .petition. Here"s a car worth buying. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: