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The men’s basketball team leader decided to take over subsidence trough Gong Shuai: he can not forget the feelings of Chinese recently, men’s basketball coach Gong Luming told CCTV5 "basketball park" program interview, talked about the topic of the men’s basketball team. The program comes China basketball after Gong Luming took over, as men’s basketball coach Gong Luming is talking about because the heart cannot leave this feeling. 2013 Philippines men’s Basketball Championships, the Chinese team only made fifth. Experienced more than half selected and tangled, February 8, 2014 BasketballAdministration formally appointed Minister of training center, has 57 year old Gong Luming, as China basketball coach. No work contract, only administrative orders will resign from this "palace minister Luming" into the "Palace guide". Men’s basketball team leader Song Tao talked about the frustration at that time, because no one really brought, no one really wants to pick up". As men’s basketball coach Gong Luming said, "the first idea is to accept the leadership, said the things set up to you. Song Tao recalled, "that time has come to the bottom, and has spread to the situation can not be scattered." Gong Luming said, "of course it should be, for so many years is also growing in tissue culture, this may be somewhat less heard now." Song Tao said, "to find only to find the palace guidance, because the palace to guide a command he came." Gong Luming said, "give you the opportunity, you also love this thing. If you feel you can do it well, you can do it. Of course, is willing, you do not want to not take." Some have compared the Gong Luming is a craftsman, a craftsman of the heart. 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games, he made the first time the Chinese men’s basketball team into the top eight. The 2002 South Asian Games in Busan, he led the team to regain the Asian Champions China. This experience, also let the Chinese Basketball Association that is the men’s basketball team Chinese Gong Luming the vintage car pulled out of the quagmire of people. Of course, as the basket tube center work, Gong Luming must accept BasketballAdministration give their orders. More importantly, everyone is optimistic about and want to lead the team Chinese attention Gong Luming re emergence of the artisans heart. Gong Luming said at the time, a lot of people say that this is a pit." Song Tao commented, he was willing to fill the pit". Gong Luming said, "you can have this role to fill the pit, you can China basketball this chariot ahead, do a bit of a paving stone, we also feel very honored." Song Tao said, "this kind of spirit is really a long time, you can be willing to pay, willing to sacrifice. He can not take the reputation of Asian champion, his life will be destroyed on one day." Gong Luming said, "very honored, although the car away, you may leave two tracks. After all, you stand up, we still have a lot of this road did not stand up. Not stand up how to do? Then you have to move on and you have to do the paving stone." Song Tao said, "Gong Luming is really tough day, he can be better, he can spend the day tea, boast all day, all over the world to play, he can do so. The only explanation is that he can not forget this emotion." (Dong Dong)相关的主题文章: