The man wanted to wake up the sleeping friends see Dunsheng malicious mobile phone fkzww

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The man wanted to wake up the sleeping friends see mobile phone Sheng Yi is a friend, out of concern, wanted to wake up drunk friends slept in the car to go home to sleep, but to see the friend’s mobile phone from his pocket out, they will steal the Sheng Yi, Wafangdian City City Public Security Bureau police sent aid, the suspect Wang was determined by the monitoring, September 18th will be "kind" arrested Wang, October 17th, Wang was transferred to the prosecution by the procuratorial organs. In late September 14th 11 pm, in Wafangdian City, a barbecue restaurant when the chef Wang home, a door, a street restaurant boss Lee’s car was parked on the roadside, open the window. Wang see Lee to sleep in the car, reeking of booze, and friends, out of concern, Wang put his hand into the car, trying to wake Lee, let Lee go home to sleep. Lee did not wake up, but the pocket is showing a 6 Apple mobile phone, Wang Sheng Yi, he will take the mobile phone, and then back home, back home, not because I do not know the password, mobile phone, mobile phone Wang will be thrown at home. The second day, Lee found the phone lost, looking around, did not find, in September 18th, Lee reported to the police. Wafangdian City City Public Security Bureau immediately launched an investigation to aid police station after receiving the alarm, through surveillance video showed that night a man stopped at the lee side of the car, and put his hand into the Lee car, after investigations, this person is near the barbecue restaurant chef Wang, the police immediately summoned Wang, Wang refused to Lee admitted that he stole the mobile phone, it is for a "good" to call Lee home to sleep, not to steal mobile phone friends. And said Lee’s Apple phone is not a new phone, there is no password can not open. In the trial, the police through Wang’s "confession" to find out the talking flaw, Wang break line, Wang had to explain his mobile phone theft crime facts Lee, the police found the stolen from his home in the 6 Apple mobile phone, the mobile phone of the valuation, the value of 3000 yuan. The same day, Wang was detained by the police.相关的主题文章: