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Legend: when only the recommended must sign Manchester United 2 people a C Ronaldo a he Gary – Neville has Lijian United have C Ronaldo and Louis sina sports United legend Gary Neville, retired coach and commentator of the work done, about 92 gold generation in the most natural of a leader Gary Neville is absolutely fully deserve. Recently in a letter to the "Sky Sports" column, Gary – Neville said, this is Manchester United, had recommended to the club had to sign two players, this one was C days after the fame of the Luo, and the other is the French louis. It is a friendly united and Lisbon athletics, was still a green hand young Luo C to Manchester United a public defender played very distressed, it also attracted the attention of Neville Gary. "After the Lisbon athletics and the game, my impression of this young man is very deep, so I texted my brother, I wrote:" we must remember to sign him. Later, our entire staff, after the game he was discussed for a long time." "I know that as a player I, should not interfere with the club, but C Lo too out of the ordinary, he is kind to let all the people sit down and watch him play, you know in the evening, before the game, I have never heard of this child. But after the game, we all remember him." Unfortunately, and finally became a superstar C Lo compared to Gary – Neville recommended another genius star Saha, as the former can explode like. "Another player I recommend is Louis, I remember when I was with the Louis leading play Fulham, the 3 consecutive season he was the very embarrassed, he broke my. So I was thinking, we had to sign him." "Obviously, he and C are not a type of player, but we are talking about him in the same way in the dressing room." (Alduin)相关的主题文章: