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The car ran hard Lu’an district foreign license owners have refused to directly hit the gate open today, the residential parking difficult, is not a new thing, for the majority of the owners, a squeeze, will be on or can. But in the holidays, returning from the field of car owners, how to stop? The small holiday, on the occurrence of such things together, foreign vehicle license choice Jiangchuang District, even at the damaged fence, it also allows users There were many discussions. Things happen in the morning of 15, the first day of the small holiday, the owner may be from the field to go home to celebrate the local people, the vehicle hanging outside the license plate. Came to the city after a district, asked to enter, but by the district security refused. There are live in the village of the owners said, the district is a closed area, the vehicle is generally difficult to enter, but the security nature also needs in accordance with the above provisions, to be managed. But not a word, the owner should choose to break, directly hit the open gate, rushed into the area. After receiving the alarm, the police quickly rushed to the scene, check to find the road gate has been crashed. "So unruly car owners, you have to go to the police station."." @ Lu’an SWAT online release called. Things are small, the problems that can be reflected behind, but many people are often encountered. "Do not say that the nonlocal license plate of the vehicle, that is my local people, to live in other communities relatives, can encounter similar things."." Public Fung said that now many urban areas are the access control system to regulate residential parking order, really have the effect, but it has brought new problems, taking relatives, who have no relatives and friends, others drive over to see you, not to stop outside the village, and no parking in the end, you should do? "Mr. Feng confused, representative. And for this and many of the public security area dispute Ms. king also complained: "the guards also understand the difficulties, after all the above requirements, they can only according to the regulations, the property company can be more reasonable arrangement, should not across the board, what cars are not allowed to enter." In the eyes of netizens, hard Lane behavior is too capricious, of course, undesirable, but many residential areas in the management of parking spaces, it is really questionable. "A lot of underground parking spaces are not sold only, underground parking spaces must be built, not built buildings can not be accepted.". The underground not, the ground is not enough, causing the road is full of cars, the relevant departments should be forced to have underground parking areas open underground parking spaces, at the same time, to intensify the construction of the parking lot." Netizen "I am a big man" suggested that there are friends that regulate residential management should be more humane no ground for blame, but a little "conflict, should think of ways to resolve, not to intensify, the owner of the behavior is wrong, may require the inconvenience does exist, should also reflect on." Some netizens say so. (reporter Liu Jin from the Dabie Mountains morning included the original title: foreign license) car ran hard cell users: parking problems should be paid attention to

外地牌照车硬闯六安小区被拒 车主竟直接撞开道闸   如今,小区内停车难,早已不是件新鲜事,对于多数业主而言,挤一挤、将就将就还是可以的。可是到了节假日,从外地返乡的有车族们,又该如何停车呢?小长假期间,就发生这样一起事情,外地牌照车辆选择强闯小区,甚至不惜撞坏护栏,这也让网友们议论纷纷。   事情发生在15日凌晨,小长假首日,车主或许是从外地赶回家过节的本地人,车辆挂着外地牌照。来到市区某小区后,要求进入,却遭到了小区保安的拒绝。有家住该小区的业主表示,该小区是封闭式小区,非本小区车辆一般很难进入的,而保安自然也是需要按照上面的规定,加以管理。可是一言不合,车主竟然选择了硬闯,直接撞开道闸,冲进了小区。接到报警后,民警迅速赶到了现场,查看发现道闸已被撞坏。“如此任性的车主,只得请你到派出所走一趟了。”@六安特警在线发布称。   事情虽小,可背后折射出的问题,却是不少市民都经常遇到的。“别说是外地牌照的车辆,就是我这个本地人,去家住其他小区的亲戚家,都能碰到类似的事情。”市民冯先生介绍说,现在市区不少小区都实行了门禁制度,对于规范小区停车秩序,确实很有效果,“可是却带来了新问题,就拿走亲戚来说,谁家还没个亲戚朋友啊,别人开车来看你,小区里不让停,外面又没有停车处,你说到底该咋办?”冯先生的困惑,颇有代表性。   而为此与小区保安争执过多次的市民金女士,同样抱怨不已:“也理解保安们的难处,毕竟上面有要求,他们也只能按规定来,可物业公司应该更合理安排啊,不该一刀切,什么车都不让进。”   在网友们看来,硬闯小区的行为太过任性,当然不可取,但是很多小区在车位管理上,确实有待商榷。“好多小区的地下车位不租只卖,地下车位必须建设的,不建楼房验收不了。地下的用不了,地上的不够用,造成路面到处都是车子,相关部门应当出面强制有地下车位的小区开放地下车位,同时,能够加大停车场的建设力度。”网友“我是大男人”建议认为   还有网友表示,小区规范管理无可厚非,不过应该更加人性化一点,“矛盾发生,应该想办法化解,而不是去激化,车主的行为固然不对,可规定带来的不便确实存在,同样应该反思。”有网友这样表示。(记者 刘进 来源大别山晨刊)   原标题:外地牌照车硬闯小区 网友:停车问题该重视相关的主题文章: