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The autumn classic single product is indispensable, I first choose a denim shirt! Denim shirt is always simple and advanced single product, if it belongs to the classic summer shirt, denim shirt is so classic autumn. Tang Yan went out through the playful sweet gentle intellectual Zhao Liying Click to play GIF 80K Yang Mi Baby autumn explosion again swept from the clothing resolution "all" how to choose the wife denim shirt denim material Hale material, absolute cowboy shirts should not choose too loose style. You want to create a relaxed elegant feeling is not up to the loose denim shirt, but will look sloppy. Just perfect loose degree is a necessary condition for wearing a denim shirt, slightly slim but not too loose, in fact, is the most simple choice than they usually wear tights. A large number of code. The most senior denim shirt color selection, color matching cowboy looks lack of personality, it will increase the sense of cheap. From the color, the elder sister recommended the most noble color is dark blue, showing the ancient literary. Yang Mi chose a dark denim shirt street shoot, mature and elegant. Light colored denim shirt, suitable for early autumn, the continuation of the cool summer. Ordinary denim blue somewhat mediocre, but Zhang Li chose the neckline details of color, taste of fashion. Click to play GIF 80K cowboy shirt how to take? Cowboy knot in the chest, full of fun, optimize the proportion of the body, so you look smart and stylish. The shirt clothes scattered on the outside, casual chic. Tuck in his shirt, smart aura. Denim jacket collocation jeans, is shot in the street the most common with the wind. Ladies Olivia and freaky Miranda Kerr, all street with this classic collocation method. Jacket and pants can choose the same color, fresh and atmospheric. If your skill is strong collocation, coat color and color of pants, and can choose a sense of the level of the gradual change. In addition to jeans, denim skirt collocation denim shirt and mature, suitable for women in the workplace. Denim shirt collocation white jeans, as well as the breeze blowing. Or from Olivia and supermodel Miranda Kerr, two are 30+ light Cougar, master denim shirt and white costume, exudes elegance and charm mature woman. Denim shirt with black single product, suitable for cool taste full woman. Denim shirt collocation pants, is absolutely the most handsome in autumn.相关的主题文章: