The Arcane Theory Of Parallel

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Science The infinity of the universe is an overwhelming fact. The thought of the many possibilities in this infinite ocean is unfathomable and humbling at the same time. We have barely learnt about a fraction of this vast ocean of stars, solar systems and planets. To measure our knowledge on the basis of how our technology has dug into the universe is one way of looking at it. However, physicists and philosophers alike believe in a parallel universe theory that is far more fascinating than what we understand about the universe. Unlike time travel, past life regression and other such concepts, parallel universes have actually found a better scientific footing with many physicists and mathematicians. The arcane parallel universe theory speaks about the existence of infinite universes identical to ours. These universes are like replicas of our universe with the similar planets, stars and it is also possible to found alternate versions of ourselves in these universes. Termed as a Multiverse, this universe of universes is an infinite entity. The reason that the parallel universe theory has such an air of mystery is that no one has physically travelled to a parallel universe. Observation of quantum particles at the macroscopic level, however, states that there is every reason that this theory is completely valid. Even while observing these subatomic particles, the same phenomenon takes place. Atomic particles are found at more than one superposition and display different properties. The way our universe functions is not so different from the way quantum mechanics unfurls. It is this observation that truly validates the possibility of the theory. The reason that people are so mystified when the parallel universe theory comes up is that it is hard to imagine something youve not seen. This theory truly shakes the fundamentals of our ideas of reality and it is for this reason that though there is a lot of scientific proof for this theory, it fascinating nevertheless. Imagine another universe where the order of planets is different, the sky looks different, concepts of day and night are reversed and so on. We do not come across these kinds of ideas in our everyday science textbooks which make them really hard to digest. However, a number of hypotheses describe these universes to exist in different ways. According to one such hypothesis, a parallel universe comes into existence every time you do something that has more than one possible outcome. Something as simple as deciding to have a drink of water or not doing so creates parallel universes for the different outcomes. All these universes are connected like a trees root system and branch out from one another. Just like meditation or past life regression, one has to be ready to open ones mind beyond the realms of science and perception. Reality stretches far beyond what your senses allow you to perceive. There is no way to prove the existence of parallel universes, but then again there is no way to prove otherwise. So till the day comes when our scientists solve this fascinating mystery, we need to let our imagination do the job. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: