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M Ajay Fabricators are renowned as the world wide leader in manufacturing Tape Stretching Lines. Tape stretching line was built for its versatility, productivity and perfect control, so that you will be profitable. Our each and every product starting from single layer commodity film to advanced multi layer high barrier structure has its own set of unique requirements. Using an industry leading technology, we developed the modern tape stretching lines. We assure that our technical specialists will help you implement the right system for your industry specific applications. Dynamic Applications of our Tape Stretching Line HDPE/PP TAPE PLANT PP RAFFIA TAPE PLANT WOVEN SACK PLANT TAPE STRETCHINE LINES PP FIBRILLATED TAPE PLANT PP FIBRILLATED ROPE PLANT PP ROPE PLANT. PP FIBRILLATED CABLE FILLER PLANT PP STITCHING YARN/THREAD T-DIE TAPE PLANT Technical Data of Tape Stretching Line Extruder, one of the ideal components of our tape stretching line ensures optimum melt homogenization and converts the melt to T-die. T-die featured with computer designed flow geometry to optimum mass flow distribution and for minimum gauge variation across the width. Some of the attractive features of the extruder are grooved bush feeding, cold start protection, micro processor based PID controls, melting temperature, back pressure indicators and pneumatic movement of the extruder cart. Water quench film cooling system is designed with suction pipes which ensure absolutely dry film even at higher line speeds. A temperature control is provided for maintaining precise temperature of the water in the water bath. We use the technology of automatic screen changer in tape stretching line. This helps to minimize the stoppages of tape stretching line due to the need for screen or filter change. Holding unit is provided with amply proportioned normal goddets and positively driven nip rubber roller to ensure slip free stretching of the tapes. Exclusive hot air oven is provided with independent blowers for upper and lower level tunnels. They help in common heating and velocity control mechanism ensuring uniform temperatures at all the process stages. We ensure uniform tape quality over the entire operating width of the tape stretching line. Combined stretching and annealing units are provided for tape stretching line. They are provided with independent drives for stretching and annealing. Also the configuration of the goddets can be changed as per your requirements by adjusting the mix of normal, hot and cool goddets. Tape extrusion unit is provided with vacuum suction nozzle box at the exit point of the holding unit and this runs through the annealing unit with piped up to waste collection box. This is also called as power saving tape extractor. Select the Best Tape Stretching Line We carefully balanced the technologies that are needed to create a cost effective production system. Our well qualified professionals have the ability to guide you to the right choices for fully integrated process control systems along with the system design and project management. We are specialized in our after sales services. The technical team of M Ajay Fabricators works with you during tape stretching line equipment specification, installation, startup and ongoing operation by providing consultation and assistance long after the installation is complete. The present trend of markets and applications for plastic films is quite different and it keeps developing all the time. As a result, innovative materials and film structures are continually introducing to keep pace with demanding markets. Hence, we are introducing our tape stretching line with newest and most specific production technology. This is the reason why M Ajay Fabricators are leading its way as a pioneer in producing blown film systems. M Ajay Fabricators support you in such a way so that you can completely concentrate on your core business. We serve as a single source for all your technical, turnkey installation and maintenance problems. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: