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Home-Improvement A tree fell on our San Jose house last summer. It wasnt even a major earthquake, so I guess it was just time for the tree to fall down. It was a centenary acacia that came with the house, and it came with a tree house and an old-timey tire swing on its ancient branches. I suggested we have it cut down to avoid anything bad that might happen to us because of that tree, namely, the possibility of it maybe crashing into our house, but my wife grew up in the farm and missed seeing trees by the window and she didnt want the kids growing up not loving trees so she thought it was luck, or maybe even a gift to have a tree by our house, not taking into account the daily California earthquakes maybe uprooting the tree and felling it into our living room. Call me paranoid, but I thought about it. But I love my wife and the kids too much, so the tree stayed. Up until it fell on our house. Thank God nobody was there when it crashed into the roof. The damage was rather extensive and the house needed serious roofing repairs from a Palo Alto .pany and while my family and I were staying in a local drive-in, I had some roofing estimates done by a crew from the said roofing .pany famous for its exemplary roofing projects for Los Gatos homes and establishments. Wondering why I would want to drive all the way to that charter city instead of acquiring a new roofing system in San Jose? You wouldnt buy Chinese food in a store selling Mexican delicacy, would you? Besides, whats wrong traveling 20 miles if this would mean achieving the best roofing system? Santa Clara residents and establishment owners can attest to the high quality roofing materials of that Palo Alto roofing .pany. Whats more, friends and relatives who have acquired re roofing in Los Altos said the services offered by the Palo Alto ac.pany are much cheaper .pared to others. Since were living everyday on budget constraints, as my wife didnt have a job, and mine barely paid for the bills and mortgage alone, I found this .pany that offered first-rate service at a very low price a blessing from heaven. So we had our house re roofed and had our house reappraised, and to pay them back, I volunteered to work for them to pay for the bulk of the bills. With that, and a new kid in the way, I really have to make ends meet. Im thinking about taking in another extra job, maybe as a short order cook in the local diner. I dont really know. Anything. I love my wife and the kids too much. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: