Spring couple 8 years 90 change 2 million 150 thousand default malicious transfer of property seized jiqingwuyuetian

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Spring couple 8 years 90 change 2 million 150 thousand default malicious transfer of property seized Taiwanese news network September 20th Dehua Su couple borrowed 900 thousand yuan, not only to repay, also secretly under the name of the property transfer, going to depend on what. Don’t want to be found, even with interest is 2 million 150 thousand yuan, regret a previous mistake. Yesterday, the Dehua court staff told reporters the sea, 2008 years, the debtor, Su Lin couples for the applicant intention Hu borrowing 900 thousand yuan, the debtor does not repay the loan principal, the applicant was Hu before the complaint on 2009 will be located in a more than and 130 square metre Suites Xiamen city center according to the transfer price of 500 thousand yuan to the mother, and for the property transfer. In 2013, the Dehua court accepted the execution of the case, the investigation found that the debtor has controlled no other property available for execution. After doing the work, the parties have reached an agreement to repay the loan principal of 900 thousand yuan, all interest relief agreement. Can sue a couple but since that property has been transferred, the court decided they could not lie, do not fulfill the agreement, the case was deadlocked. After the investigation found that the staff, the couple is in the Soviet Union after the debt is significantly lower than the market price of the transfer of the property, and the transfer of family members, alleged malicious collusion transfer property. To this end, the executive suggested that the applicant to withdraw the right to sue. Case by the Xiamen court of first instance, the second instance of the lawsuit, in 2015 the ruling revoked the transfer of the real estate act. After coordination, the Xiamen land and resources and the Housing Authority in the end of 2015 will be restored to the property under the name of the registered person. Dehua court ruled that the property seized, auction. In the case of execution, the debtor is able to drag, rack the brains. But they have little to calculate, the cost of delay is too big. After accounting, since 2008 has been more than the interest of the loan principal, reaching 1 million 250 thousand yuan, the applicant decided not to grant relief. Recently, the Dehua court auction notice on the real estate, the debtor has finally paid 2 million 150 thousand yuan, regret the intestines are blue. Dehua court staff, according to the time of acceptance of the relevant laws and regulations, private lending rates can be higher than bank interest rates, but shall not exceed four times the bank lending rates similar, beyond this limit, the excess part of the interest is not protected, the verdict is of interest "according to four times for the bank loan interest rate the". (Haidu reporter correspondent Yang Jiangcan Zheng Minshan)相关的主题文章: