South Korea Choi was arrested before squeezing out the crazy turn Shunshi shoes the devil wears Prad kimi wo omou melodi

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South Korea Choi was arrested before squeezing out the crazy turn Shunshi shoes: the devil wears Prada – the Sohu news local time on October 31, 2016, Seoul, South Korea, South Korean President Park Geun Hye bestie Cui Shunshi suspected of "intervention" by prosecutors summoned off shoes. The visual map Chinese arrested South Korean President Park Geun hye’s friend Cui Shunshi night, once again stir up the South Korean people nervous. And Cui Shunshi was crazy talk, in addition to the alleged corruption in politics, and in her confusion to be squeezed out of a black Prada shoes. South Korea, "Central Daily" news November 1st, the supervision department in the entrance was squeezed out of the anger of national shoes, Prada classic in South Korea, the domestic price of up to 700 thousand won (about 4200 yuan). This shoe is really to shun Cui Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s office to be squeezed out of the office. At 2:58 p.m. on October 31st, when Cui Shunshi came down from a black EQUUS car, hundreds of cameras immediately aimed at her. Wearing a wide brimmed hat and dark glasses Cui Shunshi, low head, with a scarf over his mouth and nose. She tried to cover up her face, as in the case of alleged corruption, she fled to Germany, Britain, trying to cover up the truth of the incident. When Cui Shunshi in the South Korean prosecutors under the protection of the staff to the entrance of the office, the crowd has long been the South Korean people and reporters to flood to her. People shouted slogans with words like "Pu Jinhui stepping down". After the fragile shooting line was broken, the scene instantly confused. Cui Shunshi leaned against the procuratorial personnel who, in the eyes full of anxiety, tears. Go to the supervision department entrance although only tens of meters away from the car down, but she was a few degrees crowded crowded stagger instability. However, she only entered the hall after the prosecution, in a small voice to say: "I made the death penalty", and said again in the elevator before: "I’m sorry, please forgive my fellow citizens." "It’s about 80 metres from the car to the elevator, and in about four minutes, that’s all I hear from her." One witness said: "everything is like a prepared speech." Cui Shunshi left the prosecutor’s office door after ten minutes, only to be squeezed out of the "Prada" shoes are placed in the entrance hall of procuratorial, Korea netizen posted a picture online crazy forwarding, people use "the devil wears Prada" this movie to describe the scene just happened. The expensive shoes Cui Shunshi squeezed out. About to spend nearly 1/4 of the monthly salary of the middle class in South korea. The Korean public satire on the shoe, just before the power of all countries accused the monopoly on the chaebol, is surging. It is for those who walk on the streets of South Korea "sound regret chose Park Geun hye, sorry my child", became more angry. "However, who do not know, the South Korean government can not be like squeezing out the shoe, squeezing out the chaebol to the state power control." A South Korean students in China on surging news () said. However, in the afternoon of October 31st survey, Cui Shunshi denied all suspects.相关的主题文章: