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Sour pomegranate has more effect! Sohu health sour pomegranate has more effect following content selected from "Chinese herbal medicine" on Liu Xinle in the Western Han Dynasty, the main enemy is suffering from the manufacturing side. The emperor in order to completely defeated the Huns, appointed Zhang Qian to the western regions, the western countries were going to joint attack hun. Zhang Qian a few years and all countries have succeeded in carrying out an assignment, to establish friendly relations. In addition, in the economic aspect also has exchanges, such as his country to the pomegranate transplantation at China mainland. There is a beautiful legend about the transplant of pomegranate. The legend of his mission to Ashmore in days, there is a tree in front of his hotel, the blue jade leaf, the bonus like fireworks. After asked, the renowned name pomegranate. But he found the tree because of drought and water shortage and haggard wilted, then personally carry water with water. Gradually, the tree came back to life. One day, Zhang Qian because of fire and nose?. A country at the front of the hotel guards rushed from the pomegranate tree off several flower red, knead into a ball in the hands of Zhang Qian into the nostrils, only a little while to stop bleeding. The guards told him that the pomegranate flowers dried and ground into powder, the powder of paper tube blowing into the nose also can stop bleeding. Again, the pomegranate flowers and bletilla powder mix each aliquot, can heal topical wound bleeding. Also said that the acid pomegranate can cure the elderly asthma (chronic bronchitis), eat fifty pomegranate seeds with acid every night, even eat a month has obvious effect. Zhang Qian said: "I had such a magical effect of pomegranate." Some days later, the pomegranate tree was full of fruit. Zhang Qian opened a pomegranate, and its seeds such as red agate, crystal jade; a taste, sweet throat; then figuring out how the pomegranate tree moved to the mainland. That night, he was reading a book under the lamp, when suddenly the door rang, in a red green skirt subdebutante. The girl bowed and smiled and said: "good!" Zhang Qian hurriedly return, asked: "the girl name, where do you come from?" The girl said: "I live in a hotel outside surnamed Shi. I have a favor to ask. I will take back to the benefactor." Zhang Qian said: "I am a Chinese ambassador to your country, very respected for your country, you can not take away your citizens." The girl said: "to be honest, I was in front of the hotel are you taking care of the pomegranate tree." And disappear. The second day, Zhang Qian to the king at left, and request the hotel in front of the pomegranate tree. The king agreed. Zhang Qian took the men on the road, halfway encountered Huns intercepted. After a fight, Zhang Qian and a small group of followers escaped, but lost the pomegranate tree. Zhang Qian returned to the capital of Changan, the Emperor himself out of the city to meet. The two people to speak, a red green skirt girl sweating with dust chasing him. She ran to Zhang Qian and pulled Zhang Qian’s clothes and cried: "I escaped from the hands of all the way to catch……" If you do not say it will fall on the ground into a pomegranate tree. The emperor was frightened, hurriedly asked the situation. Zhang Qian hurriedly made a note. The emperor said: "soon, immediately put the pomegranate tree planted to Imperial Garden!" Since then, at our pomegranate root in china.相关的主题文章: