Songjiang residential space into a hotel parking lot residents lined up half an hour to go home

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Songjiang residential space into a hotel parking lot residents home every day for half an hour queuing for office workers, the holiday was originally the most happy day, but to live in four villages in Songjiang Lantian Xiaohong (a pseudonym), but became her troubles on holidays. During the holidays in the evening, the blue sky four village gate area, the vehicle must be in a continuous line blocked badly, not at the door waiting for twenty or thirty minutes, don’t want to take the car home. Xiao Hong is the most depressing, so the traffic jam is not always there, but because of the recent loose road on the hotel will be set up in the residential area of the car. Small rainbow do not understand why the hotel can account for the residential parking spaces? The incident area suddenly a parking lot adjacent to the Songjiang District Street restaurant delicacy Street four blue pine road is a village consisting of residential buildings, villas, farmers from the building of complex residential area, the original design of the parking spaces less, in recent years, the increasing number of private cars can be parked in the area along the main road. For residents have become narrow. A month ago, the return of the residents of four villages to work in small blue sky rainbow pleasantly surprised to find that the cell door behind a once overgrown space was opened up, covered with gravel, a private car was several uniformed uncle led orderly parked there, also installed a door close to the main road side of the small area. Does the district parking problem has finally been solved? Xiaohong secretly delighted — due to work late, many times in the area to find parking spaces and small rainbow can only be parked outside the community of pine road. However, excitedly to inquire about Xiaohong got the news that she greatly disappointed, parking lot management staff told her that the parking lot is loose on the East Jin Sheng hotel restaurants, diners open only to Jin Sheng restaurant, parking lot management personnel is Jin Sheng restaurant staff. Consequences of the evening home vehicles blocked in the parking lot after the completion of the first weekend, rainbow found the situation began to be wrong. This can accommodate 90 motor vehicle parking lot, to the district was originally narrow access channels, brought unbearable weight. Four blue village gate pine road is a delicacy street, every holiday dinner in the evening, the passenger and home people intertwined in the Pine Road, need to wait for the traffic space, import four blue village, always locked the door for a long time. The emergence of the hotel parking lot, so that the blue sky four village entrance traffic jam phenomenon, a sharp deterioration. "More than 7 o’clock in the evening, the hotel guests after dinner to the car to open, and we want these workers inwards, the road is so narrow, small block was in a complete mess." Xiao Hong said. Xiao Hong told reporters, in order to enter the house, I will spend half an hour in the queue, the cell door in September 24th, waiting for more than an hour later, Xiaohong unbearable, "the parking lot has seriously affected the normal life of the residents in our community." The question of why to use "Jin Sheng restaurant in the parking area has been so nervous, why to make room for the hotel to set parking lot?" Xiao Hong wants to do not understand. In the blue sky four villages, the residents questioned more than small rainbow.相关的主题文章: