Snowden as long as the US commitment to a fair trial in the United States – willing to return to the-soulseek

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Snowden: as long as the US commitment to justice was willing to return to the new network in the United States in February Beijing – 21, according to The Associated Press, former NSA employee Snowden recently in Russia, through the network video software "Skype" for the New Hampshire supporters said that if the United States federal government promises fair a fair trial, then he would be extradited to the United states. Snowden said on the website of the New Hampshire forum 20, he asked the US authorities to agree and promise to make an open, fair and just trial, and let the jury decide his judgment. The report pointed out that Snowden in June 2013 to the Washington Post and the guardian forwarded a series of confidential documents related to the U.S. and British intelligence network monitoring plan, the United States "prism door" monitoring program thus exposed. After the prism door was exposed, Snowden left the United States and was transferred to Moscow and stayed in the transit area of Moscow for a period of time. Russia then offered Snowden temporary asylum for a year, on the condition that he stop against the United states. In August 1, 2014, Snowden received a three year residence permit in russia.

斯诺登:只要美国承诺进行公正审判 愿意返回美国-中新网   中新网2月21日电 据美联社报道,美国国家安全局前雇员斯诺登近日在俄罗斯,通过网络视频软件“Skype”对其在美国新罕布什尔州的支持者们说,如果美国联邦政府能承诺对其进行公平公正的审判,那么他愿意被引渡回美国。   报道称,斯诺登20日在“新罕布什尔自由论坛”网站上表示,他现在请求美国当局能同意并承诺对其进行“公开、公平、公正”的审判,让陪审团来决定他的判决。   报道指出,斯诺登2013年6月向《华盛顿邮报》和《卫报》转交了一系列有关美英情报部门网络监控计划的秘密文件,美国“棱镜门”监听计划由此曝光。   “棱镜门”曝光之后,斯诺登离开了美国,经中转飞至莫斯科,并在莫斯科机场中转区滞留了一段时间。   随后俄罗斯向斯诺登提供了为期一年的临时庇护,条件是他停止反对美国的行为。   2014年8月1日斯诺登获得俄罗斯为期三年的定居证。相关的主题文章: