Sinopec three quarter net profit growth of more than 12.6% profit growth of more than 10% roselip

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Sinopec before the three quarter net profit growth of 12.6% year-on-year profit growth of more than 10% hot column capital flows thousands thousand stocks on the latest rating diagnosis simulated trading client adviser national contest: Irving King peep catch demon shares of Sina Financial App: Live on-line blogger to tutor / reporter Chen Qijue as of today, two of the top three oil China the company has released three quarterly. Among them, the Sinopec to produce a top three quarter profit rose more than 10% of respondents. In contrast, CNOOC did not disclose profit data, but the unaudited oil and gas sales revenue was only 30 billion 750 million yuan, down by 15.2%. According to the Quarterly Bulletin of the three Sinopec today announced that China in accordance with the accounting standards for enterprises, operating income of 1 trillion and 363 billion 945 million yuan, down 11.3%; attributable to shareholders of the parent company net profit of 29 billion 166 million yuan, an increase of 12.6%; basic earnings per share of 0.241 yuan, an increase of 12.6%. During this period, Sinopec cash flow and financial situation continued to improve. In accordance with international financial reporting standards, the net cash flow from operating activities during the reporting period amounted to 131 billion 700 million yuan, an increase of $13.3% in cash and cash equivalents of $81 billion 149 million. As of the reporting period, the company’s asset liability ratio was 42.53%, compared with the beginning of the decline of 3.01 percentage points. In the major plates, as the traditional long plate of the refining and chemical sector is still the largest contribution to the performance of Sinopec. In the first three quarters, the company’s crude oil processing capacity, refined oil production fell by 1.72%, respectively, in the case of the previous year, refining plate EBIT was $43 billion 504 million, an increase of 183.12%. In addition, the pre tax profit margin of 19 billion 135 million yuan chemical sector, an increase of 8.95%. At the end of the three quarter, Sinopec capital expenditure of about $24 billion 969 million. The main business indicators of CNOOC announced earlier in the third quarter of 2016, the third quarter, the company achieved a net production of 117 million 700 thousand barrels of oil equivalent, down 7.7%, mainly due to insufficient demand decline in output and domestic production of oil and gas fields of natural gas downstream market. Third quarter, CNOOC oil and gas sales revenue of about $30 billion 750 million, down by 15.2%. The company achieved an average price of $42.26 barrels, down 13.5%, the average price of the company’s natural gas price of $5.22 cubic feet, down 18.6%. In response to low oil prices, the company cut its annual capital expenditure. During the period, the company’s capital expenditure of about 11 billion 670 million yuan, down by 20.9%. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: