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Your health and wellness are your greatest asset and source of happiness. For this reason its important to make sure you do your research and know everything you need to know before hiring anyone to work on your body. Wellness secrets of chiropractors Sure, youve heard the healthy lifestyle mantra before. But following good wellness practices such as maintaining a healthy weight, eating a balanced diet, getting regular exercise and getting enough sleep can add more than a decade to your life and improve your quality of life, too. Mom knew what she was doing when she said, Stand up straight! Good posture can help prevent or alleviate a host of bone and joint problems. Reduce stress. Stress has a negative impact on our physical and mental health. Explore methods of managing stress that are effective for you. Common steps include: – regular exercise, walking, yoga, working out at the gymall ease your stress – learn relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, meditation, visualization or yoga – make time to do something you enjoyreading, playing the piano, playing golf, working on the stamp collection, daydreamingits your choice – laugh often and spend time in the company of friends Get Relief From that Aching Head Use acupressure for temporary headache relief: Using a circular motion, gently massage at the bottom of the bones behind your ears. Pinch the skin just above your nose and push up so you feel pressure at eyebrow level. With your thumb and index finger, squeeze the plump pad between thumb and index finger on the palm of your other hand. 7 ways to avoid back pain 1. Maintain good posture when sitting or standing. 2. Watch your weight; excess weight places additional strain on your back. 3. Warm up before doing physical work or exercise. 4. Stay active and follow a regular pattern of exercise to keep your muscles and joints flexible. 5. When lifting, bend at your knees, hold the object close to your body and lift from your legs. 6. Avoid sleeping on your stomach, which can strain your neck and back. 7. If work you to spend long periods of time in a chair, talk with your Chiropractor about the best ergonomic options. About the Author: Our team has carefully created a FREE guide that details how to find, select and hire Silver Spring Chiropractors committed to serving your needs. Our guide is full of expert knowledge that will save you time, money and headache related to choosing a great chiropractor. It pays to download our FREE guide before even thinking about hiring a chiropractor. Get instant access to our FREE guide now by going to our website at: Article Published On: – Medicine 相关的主题文章: