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Shanghai recruiting 588 civil servants of administrative law enforcement on 23 10 points according to the registration department of the office of the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government of Shanghai issued a "public official WeChat office September 23rd news: the Municipal Civil Service Bureau said today, open social recruiting 588 civil servants of administrative law enforcement (including law enforcement personnel 438, market supervision and law enforcement personnel 150 name). Today 10:00 16:00 can log on to September 27th, the register condition (a) has the nationality of People’s Republic of China; (two) with a bachelor’s degree or above, more than 18 years of age, 35 years of age (born between September 23, 1980 and September 23, 1998), graduating master and doctoral students (non working) age may be relaxed to 40 years old (born after September 23, 1975); (three) support the constitution of People’s Republic of China; (four) has a good character; (five) perform their duties with normal physical condition; (six) are in line with the requirements of the work ability; (seven) with the provisions of the central and municipal administrative department of civil servants aspiring to other jobs require qualifications. Social workers in other provinces and cities to apply (graduated staff by social workers, shall apply) with a masters degree or above, and hold a residence permit in Shanghai city for more than a year (still in period), points up to standard score more than 120 points. According to the notice of the Shanghai Municipal People’s government, the Shanghai garrison "on the 2015 city resettlement of demobilized soldiers to receive the" (smpg g 2015 No. 59) the spirit of the administrative enforcement of the civil service recruiting plan, directed by 16 with permanent residence in the city (except high school, have a collective account) university degree or above in 2015 in line with the government’s arrangements for retired soldiers working conditions. According to the civil law and the relevant provisions of the service period of 2 years (including probation) but is still 5 years in the service period of in-service civil service law and civil administration organs (units) shall be subject to the examination staff, where the authorities (units) approved. Because of the crime criminal punishment personnel and was expelled from office staff, was identified in all levels of civil servants in the recruitment of a fraud and other serious violations of discipline personnel employment, students in reading, dissatisfied with the service life of the civil service law and civil administration institutions of staff, civil servants were dismissed under the age of 5 years, and the law regulations shall not be employed as civil servants and other circumstances of personnel, shall not apply. The relatives of staff for personnel and units to apply the required filing to the recruiting unit, constitute the avoidance of recruiting jobs shall not apply. The exam enrollment procedures (a) job recruiting this recruiting position for law enforcement personnel and market supervision and law enforcement personnel, recruiting position qualifications in the "Shanghai city administrative enforcement of civil service recruitment rules" (click at the end of the paper read directly into the text). (two) online registration of the examination to take the form of online registration. Written examination registration time for September 23rd 10:00 to 9 monthly相关的主题文章: