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Return to the origin, the second-hand car entrepreneurs will see Sohu automobile pan inscription: entrepreneurs talk about feelings, more or less with a certain commercial purposes. The business here, and is not a derogatory term, is the entrepreneur under a certain need, active or passive to a certain degree of packaging only. I think that the feelings of someone to pay the bill, it is one of the purposes of the bar. Many business model used car industry, how many entrepreneurs really have feelings to do what you want to do, how many entrepreneurs are "follow the trend of fashion, how many entrepreneurs do have their own core products or technology? When the so-called second-hand car business how many raging like a storm, entrepreneurs confuse investors, or how many investors chasing entrepreneurs, not telling the same story, do probably about the same thing, but called himself on a glorious banner — I want to change this industry — this is perhaps a package of so-called feelings. B2B, B2C, C2B, C2C, as long as B and C two letters can be arranged out of the "mode", everything. Now, a few years time fleeting, raging like a storm still did not change the status quo, some platforms have died, some platforms linger, some high-profile platform shouting, but there is still a new platform was born. I heard that there was a second-hand car in the upcoming entrepreneurs on the eve of second-hand car do poineering project anxious, excited, and difficult to sleep, as if tomorrow I’m not going to do this project, I will lose the chance to save the second-hand car industry, now. When he was walking on the road of second-hand car business, he suddenly found that this way is not so easy, so do not need to worry, a little slower, perhaps better, as long as have the opportunity to live. In fact, the second-hand car business this way, like a marathon in the run, simply not up soon, who first, who died. Then when the third party of second-hand car business boom emerging, and then repeat the story of the electricity supplier platform venture. Overnight, the valuation, inspection, warranty, logistics, finance, traffic, IT system, education and training around the second-hand car trading related third party services like like bamboo shoots after a spring rain coming in, who are really can make people awake at night over other competing products? Some founders may have said they do not know their own product features, just some resources and contacts. With electricity providers, car dealers, the third party, you can build a used car supply chain model, the transaction closed loop it? You know, the used car industry is not a supply chain that, because there is no bulk car source provider, at least at this stage is the case. Some people say that finance can, for example, financial leasing, but it takes a long time, which start-up companies can afford to wait for time? If there is, is only the 4S shop is also very fragmented, despite the disorder, but it is the first vehicle replacement, is also the source of second-hand car of a hotly contested spot. Integrated 4S shop used car resources, will be much faster than waiting for the financial production of used cars. Then able to effectively integrate 4S stores, notes相关的主题文章: