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Business Police officers, firefighters and emergency medical workers are on the front lines of public service. They are quite literally the first responders to crime scenes, fires, accidents and disasters, often risking their own lives to serve others. Its only fitting that their dedication and sacrifices be .memorated through custom challenge coins. Challenge coins originated in the U.S. Armed Forces. They remain popular in all branches of the American military today. So its not surprising that they would be adopted by law enforcement and fire departments, which are traditionally organized with a quasi-military .mand structure. Challenge coins have been icons of U.S. military service for nearly a century. According to popular legend, a wealthy member of an Army Air Corps unit in World War I gave custom coins to his own squadron. One member was shot down in enemy territory and captured, but escaped, and was found by French soldiers. The wary French troops were ready to execute him as a German spy because had no identification with him. But he was able to produce the coin and persuade the French he wasnt a German saboteur. He was soon reunited with his unit. Since then, those who have challenge coins have been expected to carry them at all times. If member of the coin-issuing unit challenges another member to show his coin, and that member cant, the challenged individual must buy the next round of drinks. Like soldiers, those who carry fire rescue coins or law enforcement coins are dedicated to protecting and serving others. Challenge coins are a proud tradition that reflects their service. Custom challenge coins can be designed to reflect the motto and principles of the department, specific departmental events, or just about anything else the .anizations wants to depict. Any good supplier of police challenge coins will have talented graphic artists on staff who can help design terrific looking coins that department members will carry with pride. Law enforcement coins and fire rescue coins dont have to be round. In fact, they can be made in just about any desired shape. However, because coin size measurement is done across the widest area of the coins, the round shape will usually offer the largest surface area for the money. Challenge coins are offered in a choice of several different metals, including gold, silver, bronze, copper or black nickel. The die-struck coins can be color filled, sequentially numbered or even made in 3-D or cutout designs. Reputable suppliers also can offer additional options such as an antiquing effect and duo-tone metal. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: