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Marketing Following the unpleasant .ments made by Ben Polis on his very own Facebook page, he was .pelled to step down as CEO of Energy Watch as verified by Melbournes Herald-Sun newspaper. Swoop Digitals Ray Poole, an Internet Marketing specialist, made a talk about how social media can affect a person and a .panys online reputation. *** Mr. Polis defended his behavior with regards to the posts on his Facebook page by stating he considered he was joking with friends. Ray Poole, a digital marketing expert from Swoop Digital, views this event to serve as a reminder (not only to Mr. Polis) regarding how we use social media. Moreover, he stresses the importance of having online reputation management as part of every business marketing strategy. Once we place a .ment, photo or article to the internet – on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter and in forums or chat rooms, it is near impossible to take it back, said Mr Poole. Once it has been posted, it can be reposted by, and shared, with others. It can be downloaded, screenshots captured – and all stored for future reference by .petitors and the media. Right after the Ben Polis story was made known to the general public, Mr Poole was interviewed by Melbournes SYN Radio owing to his know-how in online reputation management. As outlined by Mr Poole, a professional and well-managed reputation is one that is prompt inrespondingtoany negative promotion. In cases such as this, we would have a reputation management system in place for our clients. We have the tools and strategies to tackle online negativity and to see that our clients responses take precedence over any media hype that propels such stories. Initially, though, we would already have ensured that each .pany representative understands how social media works and the potential implications for posting ill-conceived or poorly worded .ments, said Mr Poole. Our corporate clients now often request their staff to not identify their employer on social media sites to help ensure that the .pany is not associated with any private .ments employees make. He continued, In the case of Ben Polis, it seems that he was poorly advised about his use of social media, or he chose to ignore the advice he was given. A week after the story was published by Melbourne Herald-Sun newspaper, it arrived at Australias Prime Minister (a victim of the unpleasant .ments), The Melbourne Football Club (which in return dismissed its sponsorship agreement with EnergyWatch,)as well as the Energy Watch management and staff, the organisations shareholders and Ben Polis, too. Following his resignation as CEO, it is reported that he will leave the country up until the issue cools-down. As an expert in online reputation management, Mr Poole shared his tips in managing online reputation when using Facebook. In this way, incidents similar to what Mr Polis has experienced will be averted. More details are obtainable on SwoopDigital…au. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: