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Travel-and-Leisure Most people don’t give a second thought about renting a car. Some don’t even call around for the best deal since they prefer some of the name brands like Avis, National or Hertz. They get on line, secure their reservation and pick up their car and off they go. However, it may be worth making a couple of phone calls to get a better savings on your rental car. While it may take a couple of calls to secure the information you need, it is also wise to ask if there is anything else you need to be aware of besides the price. The last thing you need is to get to the reservation desk only to find out you don’t have all the necessary requirements to rent the car. This can put a major crimp into your plans and cause some major delays. Documentation Is Important, When you choose to rent a vehicle for a holiday be sure that you check with them for the exact documents they will need from you upon your arrival. If you are traveling internationally, you will probably find that there are several documents that will be required by them in order to pick up your vehicle. Age restrictions are pretty standard in the United States with 21 usually being the standard. What people don’t usually think of is the age cap of renting a car. Some .panies restrict older drivers from renting cars. Each rental agency is different, but if you are 70 year young, it may be worth making that phone call to find out. When you are traveling outside the United States, it is best to remember that each country has its own requirements. You don’t want to get to a country only to find out that you will need to make other travel arrangements because you are unable to rent a vehicle. Another item to look into before renting a car is whether or not you should pay for the additional insurance coverage the agency is offering. Check your automobile coverage and see if they cover rental cars. Many times policies cover this and the additional insurance is not needed. Each policy differs and if you are not sure call your insurance representative and just ask. You can save yourself the extra expense of the coverage knowing exactly what your policy will pay for. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: