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Home-and-Family If you are pregnant and looking to buy some maternity clothes you may think that the choice is limited and you will have to put up with giant tent style dresses or jeans with large elastic panels at front. You may be surprised that there is in fact a huge range of maternity clothes now on the market ranging from budget styles to expensive designer maternity dresses. If you go into high street shops there are plenty of them which now have a maternity section. If they don’t, it might be worth checking their website as they may have a maternity range on there which you can order from and then have it sent through to your local branch so you don’t have to pay postage on it. These shops usually sell a selection of different clothes from casual jeans and under the bump .bats and some leggings with baggy t-shirts and maternity tops. You can also buy smarter work trousers and blouses and a selection of maternity dresses. There are also some online sites that specialize in maternity clothes. These have a much more varied selection and can cater for a wider range of needs. They can be more expensive than high street shops but if it’s worth looking at their end of season sales. The clothes may be a little too hot or cold for the weather when you want to wear them, but if you are hard up for cash, they can be a really good investment, especially if you are planning a large family and aren’t sure what time of year you will be pregnant in next year. In the past maternity bras used to be very plain and practical. You can still get a lot like this, but there are also places that sell pretty or sexy maternity bras that are supportive and .fortable but can help you flaunt your expanding chest! Make sure you don’t invest too much in bras too soon as your cup size can change considerably through your pregnancy. However, if you buy a few months in and get a bra a size or two bigger than you need (you can always pad it out for a while) then it should last you the whole pregnancy and if it is also a feeding bra you can continue to use it. If you have a special event to attend while you are pregnant or like to dress in designer clothes, then there are a selection of clothes designers that have a maternity range. You may not want to invest too much for one occasion if you know you aren’t going to wear it again, so you could look for second hand maternity dresses that may only have been worn a few times and will be a better buy if you know you won’t wear it in the future. You are only pregnant for a short time so make sure you buy a few sensible items that can be mixed and matched to suit many different occasions. A smart work blouse could be matched with casual trousers for a less formal occasion, or a casual top could be worn with a jacket or smart scarf to a formal do. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: