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Home-and-Family All the kids toys dont have the life, however, they would be alive and interesting when children play with them. At the same time, children would get the different feeling from the toys playing process. Therefore during the toys playing, toys themselves are not the key, on the contrary, how to play and the interaction between the toys and playmates are the playing keys. Only by this way, children would have new and interesting ideas, sometimes, ordinary things in daily life can be changed into unique toys. One famous Chinese writer once said playing game is the normal behavior for children and toys are childrens angel. In fact, some adults also like to buy toys for themselves because they said they could get infinite satisfaction and happiness from playing process. Nowadays, children usually dont have brothers and sisters, at the same time, the interaction between children and their neighbor partners is also limited, they would have one boring childhood if they dont have some interesting kids toys. As for children, I think it is really cruel. Imagine that if there is no toys, what should children do to spend their time? As usual, they would watch TV, playing video games and so on, all of which are not beneficial to children development in early time. As parents, it is the responsibility to buy various kids toys for children to play. For example, it is better to buy kids toys which can develop their operating ability, intelligence and imagination. By this way, children would gradually know the real world. When playing with toys, the playing is the key while the toys themselves are not key. Therefore you can not say which kinds of toys are the top quality kids toys. Too many parents would have the wrong idea that they always want to buy more toys such as educational toys for children to develop intelligence. In fact, every type of kids toys can bring different irritations to children and their brain, their hand-eye coordination can be developed effectively. However, some toys functions are not obvious such as .munication ability, imagination and so on. Parents should not pay the emphasis only on brain development, on the contrary, children should be willing to play with toys bought for them otherwise they cant get the pleasure from playing process. The true meaning of playing is playing with relaxed mood, free state and happy status, therefore childrens own choice of toys is most important. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: