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Legal As you all know, employers can always demand hard work from their employees so long as they’ll be paid based on the job that they are doing. Employment law is implemented to make certain that the employees and employers will have equal privileges. For any employee out there, holidays and time off work are certainly essential because they can rest and eliminate stress from work. However, you must not simply leave from work without knowing anything relating to this so you’ll need some help from a New York employment lawyer. Listed here are the things that you have to know about the rights of employees when it comes to this. Every country has their own holidays, but some of them are celebrated around the world like New Year, Christmas and more. During the holidays, some workers are asked to work, but it does not necessarily mean that you’re demanded to do that. If you’re requested by your employer to work during the holiday, they have to ask for your permission. It will still depend upon your own discretion if you’ll work or not. If you work during the holiday, you’ll be compensated by the company for doing this. If you made the decision not to work during the holiday, you’ll have to be paid. If you are not paid or rewarded for working during the holiday, you can seek help from employment lawyers in NYC. If you already have a family and an infant is coming up, you are entitled to have a paid maternity or paternity leave. It means that you could take care of your baby while being paid by your company. This kind of leave will only be given to the mother and father of the baby. Maternity and paternity leave are also different with each other when you’re looking at the duration of the leave. If your company is not providing you any paid maternity or paternity leave, you can make an effort to seek advice from an employment lawyer in New York. Sick leave is a bit complex as you cannot simply say that you are sick without providing any proof. If you said that you are not feeling well and you wish to take time off work for a few days, you will need to provide a proof to your employer. There are a few folks who are not paid when they are on sick leave, but some of they are provided with Statutory Sick Pay (SSP). You must always notify your superior if you’re planning to take a leave of absence because of sickness. If you wish to clarify the laws related to this, you could always consider New York employment lawyers to assist you. It is very normal to take a leave of absence once in a while, but you will need assistance from an employment attorney in New York if you want to make sure that you are doing the right thing. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: