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Home-Based-Business People who are fortunate enough to design a new house from the ground up can utilize space-saving innovation. The bathroom is usually the smallest room in the house; yet, it needs three main .ponents: sink, toilet, and tub. It is important to utilize as much space as possible in the bathroom. This is why many homeowners are opting for corner baths. By design, corner baths are as spacious as traditional baths. Because of their corner shape, they take up less room and allow for more space in the bathroom. One way to see how much space a corner tub will use in the bathroom is by taking the measurements of one in a home supply store and then see how it would fit in the existing bathroom. It is amazing how much space a traditional tub takes and what can be saved by installing a corner model. As with traditional bath tubs, corner baths .e in a variety of colours and styles to .plement the overall bathroom decor. Some of them feature whirlpool jets that are must for soothing tired, achy muscles. It turns the bathroom into a personal spa. Many of them are called "garden tubs" because they are deeper and allow people to sink into them, soak, and relax. Those who enjoy a quick shower in the mornings need not sacrifice the convenience of a shower head. Many corner models are fitted for showers, also. It provides the best of each choice. Most older homes had free-standing iron and porcelain tubs. With the advent of fibreglass tubs, bathroom designers came up with the concept of built-in tubs. They are built in against the wall with a coordinating panel that matches the rest of the bathroom. It is not difficult to plan a corner tub into the bathroom design of a newly-built home. People who are wanting to renovate an existing bathroom also have the option of adding a corner bath unit. These bathtubs may .e in fibreglass or acrylic and are in a variety of colours. Customers may choose either an oval tub or one that is more triangular. Most of them are five-sided and are roomy enough for two people. Their dimensions range from 48 to 72 inches in width and from 10 to 24 inches high. The deeper ones allow the air jet options for a spa tub. Another decorative feature of a corner tub is that it can be surrounded by wood panelling for the custom look. The sides are levelled and allow the convenience of towels, washcloths, soaps, and candles. What a treat to enjoy after a long day at work! The sloped slides allow the bather to sink .fortably down into the warm suds while still having back and neck support. When making a decision to renovate a bathroom with a corner tub, it is important to realize that they are not cheap. However, there are many basic models that would into most homeowners’ budgets. It depends on which model and what accessories are chosen. Part of the budget will include new faucet hardware, drain cover, and a coordinating back panel. The panel is especially essential for the built-in shower options. With easy care and proper use, these tubs will last for years and will add beauty and more resale value to the house. There is no reason to stay in a cramped bathroom anymore with the veritable options of a corner tub. It is an investment that will pay for itself with relaxation and fresh bubbles. While some people may opt to add a corner tub to a family bathroom, many prefer to use them in the master bedroom’s private bath. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: