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Clearly by the connotation of MINI COOPER S- on face partial Sohu automobile MINI can be said to have one of their own and it is difficult to shake in the field of small cars, as a typical European fashion design high quality small cars, MINI series models have been with its rich brand culture and excellent product performance and spread all over the world. Since entering China in 2003, MINI has impressed many young women (especially women) with its beautiful appearance, fun driving quality and strong cultural accumulation. MINI COOPER S is equipped with a code named 2.0L B48A20A turbocharged engine, the engine power of 141 kW (192 HP) -6000rpm, can erupt 280 cattle · in 1250rpm; the maximum torque meters, only from the book data on the MINI COOPER S on the use of our daily street has enough but for us, the pursuit of the ultimate performance of the owners of MINI COOPER S also seemingly more to stimulate their internal potential, for the MINI COOPER S at home and abroad for the modification of taking modified products is quite rich, today for a brief refit tonic riders several MINI for COOPER S development. Each movement type damper control system BILSTEIN has been launched the test center is located in papenburg in Neue Boglin or after driving a rigorous testing program case, and all products are Germany TUV safety certification. BILSTEIN MINI COOPER S B14 development package, can reduce the 30mm-50mm from the original height, according to the owners need to adjust the height, BILSTEIN B14 set in the slow zone and the pit road, the whole does not appear excessive shock rebound, hard to improve sense of the original car shock brought. High speed curved roll can be completely reduced, MINI COOPER S internal control potential further explored. Spring by progressive design, to provide better support needs to be installed in strict accordance with the INVIDIA process exhaust system construction for the Q300 series MINI COOPER S exhaust design on high speed low speed silent voice broke, and does not require the valve in the process, fully consistent with the inherent temperament the elf, control of the control demands and perfect as one of the. In order to cope with the low noise design of the Q300, INVIDIA increases the volume of the cylinder body, can effectively suppress the low speed noise, and achieve no resonance. INVIDIA for the majority of owners to provide different intimate MINI in the tail section of the exhaust products. INVIDIA COOPER S in the tail section of the exhaust INVIDIA MINI COOPER exhaust pipe diameter of 60mm S MINI.相关的主题文章: