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Arts-and-Entertainment If you are looking for a source for your card making supplies and crafting products, then you might want to drop by Whether you are looking for cards and envelopes for your invitations, embellishments for your scrapbooks and cards, or simply want fresh ideas for card making and crafting products, this site is the site for you. Lets look at the card making supplies first. For those visiting for the first time, this site offers a variety of card making supplies that may help you make that special occasion more festive. For instance, we offer the Elegant Ribbon Cards measuring 5 x 7 with Envelopes Multibuy pack priced at 9.99 British pounds which would look great for baptismal invitations. At the same price and size, a nice alternative is the Elegant Designer Cards. If you want cards of a larger size, you can pick between the Elegant Frame Cards 7 x 10 and Envelopes Multibuy pack or the Elegant Tent Cards 8 x 8 and Envelopes Multibuy either of these products is priced at 17.99 British pounds. These products are just the thing to add embellishments to, to make card making more personalized and artistic. However, if you are really into card making using the most basic of card making supplies, you could try buying the Linen Embossed Card (of the 280 gsm variety) each pack has 50 pieces sized A4.You could make your own designs with this product which is priced at 7.99 British pounds. Or perhaps we could interest you in the Heart Felt Embossed 8 x 8 White Cards and Envelopes of the 300 gsm variety? This product .es as a 10 pack and is priced at 3.99 British pounds. There is a less expensive version of this Heart Felt Embossed White Card product which is sized at 6 x 6 (also at 300 gsm) priced at just 2.99 British pounds. Since we have briefly introduced you to the card making products, let us see what we can offer you as far as paper craft is concerned, shall we? For instance, some people like to bake cupcakes as gifts for special occasions if you are like such people, perhaps you would like the B-C-E Cupcake Presentation Box Template so you could make your own cupcake boxes to present your gifts in? This product is priced at 7.99 British pounds. This is not something that ordinary craft shops would sell you so do snatch up the opportunity. Since we are the online version of your usual craft shops, we like to stand out. We hope you will continue to visit the site and find out why we are different from your regular arts and craft shops. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: