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"My father," archaeologist Liang Siyong Publishing – Beijing new network in Beijing in September 21, starting at the the Imperial Palace (reporter Ying Ni) Mr. Liang Siyong Memorial Symposium cum "Si Wenyong — my father" premiere archaeologist Liang Siyong 21 in the Imperial Palace Museum Jingsheng Zhai held. Liang Siyong is a famous modern politician, thinker, Ancient Chinese Literature Search Master Mr. Liang Qichao’s second son, is China modern archaeology and archaeological pioneer of education. The archaeologist Zhang Zhongpei commented Mr Leung: "Mr. Liang Siyong is a" Chinese archaeology superstar ", is a founder of the most important archaeological Chinese, is one of the most important archaeological work in People’s Republic of China founder". The breakthrough progress of the field archaeological excavation technology in China, especially in stratigraphy, is closely related to Liang Siyong’s outstanding contribution. The autumn of 1930, Liang Siyong of Heilongjiang to explore Angangxi containing fine stone sand dunes, found that black overlay in the sand layer, the cultural relics out of black sand, is the first time in the history of the Chinese archaeological excavation of the scientific excavation method of fine stone cultural relics, the significance and characteristics of buried North microliths solution. In 1931, Liang Siyong in the Anyang building Zhuang Hou Gang, according to the division of soil or soil, reveals a very clear stratigraphic relationship, which is after the gang’s famous three layers, namely: – under – Yangshao Xiaotun Longshan overlapping relationship, thus obtains the Xiaotun Shang culture of Longshan culture and late Longshan culture, late Yangshao culture conclusion. After the discovery of three post stack is to unravel the mysteries of the prehistoric culture China, created archaeological methods based on the soil, or top-down division. As the founder of Chinese archaeological stratigraphy, Liang Siyong in the methodology for the excavation and later set up the model, the development prospects for the Chinese archaeological excavation methods update. In the early time after the excavation of the gang, he used the type has carried on the analysis to the principle marks Xiaotun pottery, Chinese archaeological typology method preliminarily formed, until today, the method of stratigraphy and typology is still Chinese archaeology must adhere to the fundamental and core theory. Published by the the Imperial Palace press, Si Wenyong, "my father archaeologist, Liang Siyong," the author of the daughter of Mr. Liang Baiyouwei, Mr. Liang Siyong. The book filled with affectionate, through eighty years of time, go back to the narrative of an archaeology master, a father, a good teachers and helpful friends life. Based on abundant experience, and the combination of the same generation interview, widely collecting historical information, the era of conjugated fragments, a reduction of the true to life the true image of Liang Siyong for the reader. A generation of archaeological masters, from Teen Spirit, to the youth dream, to achieve success, the academic road, past life, as in the book. Dan Jixiang said the Imperial Palace Museum, the the Imperial Palace since its establishment, has been inextricably linked with archaeology. In 2013, the Imperial Palace Archaeological Institute, began in the Forbidden City and the Royal remains more systematic, scientific and rigorous archaeological excavations and research work, the the Imperial Palace Museum has 90 years experience in the field of archaeology full of new life. Archaeology of the Imperial Palace相关的主题文章: