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More than twenty star power Sun Nan Yuan Hong to participate in the activities of public auction in September 28th, "the 2016 Beijing star charity auction auction season" in Beijing News Plaza Hotel 23 Art Museum hammer. 23 pieces were donated more than twenty sports stars went for 19450 yuan. Wendou, singer Tasker, actor Deng Xin, big dragon dragons, Bai Haitao took the auction at the scene. The auction will be jointly organized by the Beijing Yuyuexinbao agency and Beijing business newspaper, news building and Classic FM FM969 Co, Beijing yatelan International Auction Company Limited support. All proceeds donated to the Beijing children’s rescue fund Chunmiao, to help those who are suffering from congenital diseases of the disabled children and children from poor families. Tasker, Wen dou for two consecutive years in person at the scene event event, singer Tasker brought the famous stone crafts Kazakhstan sheep thigh and his wife when he gave her a postgraduate Confucius like, two times in a row at the scene, Tasker felt very happy. As the first auction, he introduced two items to bring their own, "today is the birthday of Confucius in 2567, so I think this Confucius like more meaningful. My wife just gave birth to the boss baby, is not yet out of the month, she in the postgraduate entrance examination, I send this Confucius like, I wish my wife successfully admitted to graduate, was admitted to the results." The second film is Kazakh sheep thigh crafts stone, this is Tasker show in Kazakhstan, the Ministry of culture of Kazakhstan for his craft. Finally, the stone sheep was photographed with 800 yuan to 500 yuan, like Confucius was photographed, Tusken would love to continue to pass along. Ken and Tasmania, singer is second times to Wendou charity auction site, said he was still studying the Wendou in addition to singing Chinese Chinese characters, this time he brought his creative work is Chinese characters. This works by Wendou said, China calligrapher Li Guo for writing, calligraphy lovers are highly collectible. Finally, the works were taken to 3000 yuan price, wendou-a excitedly said at the scene, the auction of two words, a "white", a "head", even if will reach old age together love public service activities continue. Some of his sincere words from the bottom of the heart touched by the presence of many people. Young actor, singer for public offering love actor Deng Xin participated in a lot of love before the event, but the scene is still the first time. Deng said the scene, although things are not valuable, but I hope I can make a contribution to help children in need of care. This time, she brought a ring, she firmly believes that this ring can bring good luck, and finally the ring to 800 yuan photographed by caring people. As a young singer, twin brother big dragon dragons hear our love and charity auction, immediately said must come to. This time at the scene let brothers feel very excited, they brought two pieces of their favorite costumes, emblazoned with the brothers idol, Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain?, two pieces of T-shirts as like as two peas also carrying the big dragon dragons brotherhood, eventually was shot to 800 yuan under the t-shirt. Actor Bai Haitao flew from Hengdian to Beijing yesterday.相关的主题文章: