Men’s machine election, each note to defend the 10 phase of temporary change to the first prize in b-roselip

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Man machine selection for each note keep 10 temporary change in basketball first prize of $7 million 450 thousand – Sohu in the evening of October 13th, Chinese welfare lottery Shuangse Qiu 2016120th, the current lottery numbers: 02, 05, 06, 21, 25, 28+09, the current out of a total of 6 note first prize, a single injection of 7 million 450 thousand yuan prize. The Shenyang lottery Mr. Chen (a pseudonym) in which a note first prize. Yesterday, Mr. Chen came to Shenyang welfare lottery center to receive the lucky prize. Winning the lottery of Mr. Chen from Shenyang City No. 686 welfare lottery betting station, the coupon is used to choose five single note number betting, at a total cost of 10 yuan of money, in addition to the six note first prize, prize also won two note Mr. chen. According to Mr. Chen himself introduced, he bought this note number is the machine before he selected, he likes to choose a lottery ticket, and then this group of numbers with 10, and then change the number of bets. Before Mr. Chen in the purchase of this number, let the ticket machine selected two note three note 07 basketball and basketball 09, did not think that it is, let Mr. Chen harvest award. Mr. Chen told the staff of the welfare lottery center: "before watching the basketball 09, the two out of the two, and there are Shenyang lottery winners won the first prize, I was wondering whether 09 can also bring me good luck.". I didn’t think it was just a few days. Basketball 09 really brought me luck, and then 09 was my lucky number." Lottery ten years   love firmly believe that he can win the prize, Mr. Chen has bought lottery tickets for ten years, in his own words, "no matter what you forget, you can not forget to play double chromosphere."!" It was this insistence that brought good luck to Mr. chen. During the ten years of the lottery, Mr. Chen had more than 200 yuan in the most colorful ball, and he also had more than 2000 yuan in the 3D game betting. Mr. Chen, who insists on lottery, believes he can win the prize, and his lover also believes he can win the prize. Mr. Chen’s wife said: "I support him to buy lottery tickets, he did not buy, are rational betting, I often encourage him to win, because he is very good, often to help others, I feel good people will be rewarded. But honestly, it was really in, we do have a little fameng, really think we are so lucky." For their own money, Mr. Chen said: "too bad before the living conditions, it can be good to improve the look, let me follow me to enjoy love." 男子机选每注守10期 临时改蓝球中头奖745万元-搜狐  10月13日晚,中国福利彩票双色球第2016120期开奖,当期开奖号码为:02、05、06、21、25、28+09,当期共开出6注一等奖,单注奖金745万元。沈阳彩民陈先生(化名)中得其中的一注头奖。昨日,陈先生来到沈阳市福彩中心领取了这份幸运大奖。   陈先生的中奖彩票出自沈阳市686号福利彩票投注站,票面采用的是自选五注单式号码投注,票面共花费10元钱,除了一注一等奖之外,陈先生还中得了两注六等奖。据陈先生自己介绍,他购买的这注号码是他之前机选的,他每次都喜欢机选一张彩票,然后这组号码再跟10期,之后再换别的号码投注。之前陈先生在购买这组号码时,让打票员机选两注蓝球07的和三注蓝球09的,没想到正是这样,让陈先生收获大奖。   陈先生对福彩中心的工作人员说:“之前看着蓝球09连着出了两期,而且都有沈阳的彩民中得了头奖,我就在想09能不能也为我带来好运。没想到这才刚过了几期,蓝球09真的为我带来了幸运,以后09就是我的幸运数字了。”   购彩十年 爱人坚信他能中大奖   陈先生购买彩票的时间已经有十年了,用他自己的话说“不管忘了啥,也不能忘打双色球!”正是这份坚持才给陈先生带来了好运。   购彩十年中,陈先生双色球最多中过200元,他还在3D游戏投注中,中得过2000多元钱。坚持购彩的陈先生坚信自己能够中得大奖,而他的爱人也一样相信他 能中大奖。陈先生的爱人介绍说:“我很支持他买彩票,他也不多买,都是理性投注,我经常鼓励他能中大奖,因为他很善良,经常去帮助别人,我觉得好人会有好 报的。不过说实话,这一下子真中上了,我们确实有点发蒙,真的觉得我们太幸运了。”   领取了属于自己的奖金,陈先生说:“之前的生活条件不太好,这下可要好好改善一下了,也让我爱人跟着我享享福。”相关的主题文章: