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Religion Upon being pregnant it was very hard and troublesome for Mary to be an unmarried mother because of their cultures perception. Do you know that people in their town are ashamed of being knowing that a woman would be pregnant even theres no accountable for what is going-on to her. Like what the bible said that it was not easy for Mary and her family to believe that there is no human father for her infant. Also it is not only seen as an individual dishonor, because like I said, their culture sees this infamy for the whole group/clan of Virgin Mary. Soon after this happening, Mary went to Elizabeth immediately because the angel named Gabriel told her to do so; it was a task from God who sent him. But do you know that the visit was perhaps a way of getting Mary out of harm from her relatives that are angry of her because of this disrepute that they are in to. And that the house of Elizabeth was the safer place for Mary to go through. Apart from that is the guarantee from God that was included to Marys dream that Elizabeth will be blessed and gifted a child by the Holy Spirit that will be called John (John the Baptist) as we all know and that is because of Elizabeths ever faith and worship in God. And then after that, Mary and Joseph had to attend a census-taking for Jesus to be registered in Josephs ancestral town in Bethlehem. Upon journey, Mary gave birth to Jesus. Mary was helped during the birth by her female relatives because they are the only present on that said proceedings. But as for expected, the problem is still coping up to them as always for Jesus because the King of Egypt ordered that all new born son would be killed and daughter shall live. And tha means Jesus would and should be killed by that time, of course you know why this King of Egypt wanting all the newly born baby boy to be killed, because of the prophecy that he believed is to take him down to his position as the King. But this evil plan was not fulfilled because those people who serves as the midwife of Mary at that time was feared in God and did not do what the King of Egypt asks them too. And after that, a ordinance was held for the woman who gave birth of the son of God. Joseph and Mary did everything that is God asked them too and .e back to Jerusalem after it. And Jesus grew up as strong man filled with wisdom and the grace of God was upon him. God is guiding Jesus and leading him to the right path towards his all trial and misery. He always expose God in unique way that he is worshipping him for all that matters. That is how Jesus means extraordinary above us all, he never loses faith to God and it gives him a full guidance to fulfill all the tasks assigned to him. Helps every everyone he encounter suffering on sickness and pain. And by the words of God, prayers of her mother Mary for him and all of us, Jesus strengthened. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: