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Creativity Imagine manifesting a totally creative life. There are people who do have this capacity and we have only to look at their homes as an illustration of the extent of their creativity. Some homes are wildly unique, yet the owners happily and .fortably reside therein. How about a home in the shape of a top hat? Or one with a butterfly motif inside and out? Would you like a home that floats on water, or an ancient fortress with walls 15 feet thick? What about an underground home with voluminous lighting received through skylights dug into the ground? Perhaps this is not your idea of living a creative life; however, you can live your own life- creation by simply intending to do so. Creativity means seeing things from fresh perspectives with imagination and an open mind. Our every thought, every act, every word is a creative manifestation. Below are 10 ways to begin the creative process so you can easily manifest a creative life: 1) Ask yourself every morning, In how many ways can I be creative today? Change the way you have habitually done something for years; brush your teeth with the opposite hand. 2) Choose to see things with new eyes all day. Take a different route to work; buy a new kind of fruit for a snack; speak with someone you have never met. 3) Be willing to let your old paradigms go the past is dust. Pay attention to your new thoughts and feelings. Allow them to grow and expand. 4) Begin a creativity journal. Jot down areas where you are inspired to be creative. List specific action steps. Get in the habit of thinking and feeling outside the box. It is not what you see; it is how you see it. 5) Schedule a Creativity Hour or Creativity Day with your family, friends or colleagues. Choose a subject upon which all agree. Begin by brainstorming or heartstorming. Make an action list. 6) Walk for the first 15 minutes that you are involved in a creative exercise in order to charge all sections of the brain: left brain, right brain, midbrain, and hindbrain. If inside, walk slowly around a table, a chair or up and down the hall. Carry a notepad. Movement diminishes distracting energy that interferes with the creative process. 7) Have an inner discussion with an inanimate object or something of Mother Nature. Speak with a tree in the park, a butterfly resting in the sun, a soft breeze, a soaring seagull, a honey bee bathing in nectar, a waterfall fearlessly dropping hundreds of feet. Ask questions, share how you are feeling, listen for answers. Have fun. 8) Take three deep relaxing gratitude breaths before driving your car in the morning, making a telephone call, paying your bills, beginning a new project, going to sleep at night. 9) Fine tune your senses to develop oneness. Engage someone much younger than you or older. Pay attention to what they say; listen with their ears, see with their eyes; understand with their wisdom. 10) Awaken creativity within all of your relationships. Show your affection, love and gratitude: send a card or information; buy a gift; make a phone call; plan a meeting. There are hundreds of ways to express your feelings. Remember that each individual in your life is totally unique and has something unique to offer to the world; therefore, must be valued and allowed to express the goodness that .es from his or her heart and soul. Allow your soul to inspire your creative spirit. Stay in alignment with whatever is for the highest good of all. Utilize your soul-power to bring heaven to earth. Bring your higher energies into manifestation: your life purpose, your goals, your aspirations, all that is good and beautiful. Believe yourself to be a creative person. Access your creativity to live a more enchanting and fulfilling life – the life of your dreams. You can manifest all that is needed to fulfill your soul’s purpose and to live a wonderfully creative life. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: