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Internet-and-Business-Online Virtuemart is highly advanced and extremely customizable e.merce platform for Joomla e.merce website. If you have your business in this platform, then you have made a right choice, after finishing Joomla installation it is very easy to excess list of existing items in virtuemart. As the various market researchers indicate, there has been a potential increase in the number of shoppers preferring online medium to shop for the goods of their interests, it has given rise to the popularity of several e.merce platforms. What is Virtue mart? Virtuemart is an open source e.merce solution to be used together with content management system called Joomla. It is a Php based shopping cart application or catalog mode for selling goods over the internet. Virtuemart support an unlimited number of products and categories, with products able to be assigned to multiple categories, multiple prices for a single product based around shoppers group and quantity range. As soon as Joomla installation is .pleted, you can easily access the list of items available in Virtuemart, make sure Joomla-Virtuemart is properly configured properly. Is virtuemart totally worth it? The Joomla Virtuemart ideal implementation is like the excellent way for online shopping supported with online payments, it more trusted site, if secured with SSL certificate and configured properly. Before the installation of Joomla makes sure that all the minimum system requirements have been met and all introductory works have been done before. Virtuemart templates are written in Php and can be used in regular MySQL/Php environments. A free marketing tool is included in the virtuemart template such as the shopper groups, with this group option the user can allow different payment options and price levels. Currencies from different states can be easily managed without having to seek outside source. Virtuemart templates also .e with extensions to improve the users experience, some of these extra extensions include import/export tools, VM themes, payment extensions, language packs and shipping extensions. The product slideshow feature which is great for customers to buy more products and/or services. However coupled with Joomla CMS virtuemart will give your site a whole new dimension, just like any other Joomla Website Design you have the flexibility to install plug-ins, .ponents, modules that you desire. It is very easy to use, first download the virtuemart, then go to your Joomla admin and then install it. The next step is setting up your online store such as the name, the currency, payments, postage and so forth. Boost Your Online Business Through Virtuemart Virtuemart is real time shopping cart solution, it is highly user-friendly as well as manageable. Flexible tax models are included such as ship-to-address and tax calculation. Virtuemart cooperates with a number of gateways world pay, system pay, payzen, eWay, PayPal, paymet and 2checkout. Virtuemart is the leading online-shop solution for Joomla with more than 1.5 million users worldwide so far. Virtuemart Design is not a standalone solution but is a plug-in and requires the Joomla content management system. It is literally known as a full -fledged e.merce engine. Using virtuemart templates are the easy way to develop online business quickly without having to design or implement any coding. Choosing the right virtuemart template will help give customers the confidence to buy from you, these template saves you lot of time. Now with the availability of so many options, it will be very confusing for the new entrepreneurs and .panies to choose the platform best suited for them. Every open source has its own pros and cons to consider, the things like required functionalities, development language, server capabilities and the size of the product line matters a lot. It is better to list all the requirements before giving any of these platforms a final go. When you find multiple opinions, it easier to integrate, customize and troubleshoot your online e.merce shop. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: